Civil Asset Forfeiture & the Brain Wallet - Episode 12

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I feel like I'm in an alt-coin drought. Just when I think all of the life has been sucked out of my favorite alts, they suck a little more.

BTC is going through the roof..... the euphoria. Everywhere I look I hear about Bitcoin this and bitcoin that.

I asked my girlfriend if she has been hearing about bitcoin in her main stream life, at work, on facebook, or day time talk shows and what not....

and she said not at all.

I don't know how that can be.... but shows how we all appear to live in a bubble. Mind you, I don't think crypto is a bubble, but we all have blinders on, and we gravitate to people, and news feeds, and whatever else that support our mode of thinking.

Here's an interesting article I came across this evening.

Makes me wonder, what if government covertly created bitcoin, as a means to control everything, and decentralize nothing. It would be a true mind fuck. What if they are manipulating the markets for decentralized exchanges like Bitshares, Waves, and the like. The centralized exchanges are making so much money that they will fork over the keys to the taxation castle in exchange for a "license". It makes me bullish on Deep Onion, but I think there will be something beyond to appease those that value privacy. I'm something to ponder.

Civil asset forfeiture is another topic on my mind. I was reading how some guy was suspected of a minor offense, and the police were able to get a search warrant and searched his place. They claimed a bunch of musical instruments were "stolen" and that was it. He was never charged, and his property was never returned and became property of the state. If we don't have a receipt for our crypto, how can we prove that it really belongs to us? and that it wasn't stolen, or if taxes were paid or not?

I'm not sure I know what a brain wallet is, but I think the solution will be in our mind, where if we remember our private keys that wealth will not be tangible, and can't be seized through civil asset forfeiture. Why ban cash when you can have people seeking to embrace digital assets.

I just checked my blockfolio, and it is WAY down. At some point you have to stop looking and just go to bed. I wish this fork was just over already, so all that new BTC capital can flow into alts, and life will be good again.



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