hey @rainchen , I've checked your blog and I think there is much room for improvement. Since I have some free time lately, I'd like to make you an offer - stop this stupid bidding and I can guide you and help you with your post, including topic selection, suggestions, or even featuring your article under my blog (you can have all liquid author's cut). How does it sound!?
The reason for me to do this (my first time) is just because I want to help some real person here and also save one user for this platform no matter how crappy it is now. We can discuss the details on Also, I did not pick you randomly, I have my reasons like you can write Chinese, I love Malaysia, you have kids like me, I sense that you have potential good stories ... Believe in yourself!
Stop the bidding now. I won't upvote this one. Let me know.

Your offer sound awesome for me.
I will contact u in .

In between posts i bet on every game steemsports puts out! You just need to upvote the team you think will win, it doesnt cost anything, but you can pay .to win more, i also enter alot of contests! It all just helps keep steem coming in when i have nothing to blog about! ♨✌♨

Noted on that one thanks :)

Ask @ned and @dan to stop dumping.

dumping? I thought the whales had too MUCH power relative to minnows...they're fixing that. Why complain?

I'd be willing to pay some steem dollars or steem for the power, but I wouldn't want to buy with btc because I feel I would be doing a diservice to the platform.

Name your price , in any crypto coins that same price with the bids

I don't see any other bids. I'd give you all my STEEM for half your power. Don't really want to negotiate, you get to keep the account. Good luck!

You're out of here @rainchen?

I don't know , just frustrated much on steem. The price really killing me everytime I look at it.
I can't even think what to post.

Yeah your posts aren't really paying out right now either are they?

As you can see, they all sucks recently.
What should I do. Everything doesn't work for me. Maybe it's. Called to leave this platform. I dont know this is so stressful mate.

Well, if you continue to try, you might get a good payout.

If you quit, there is no way that you will.

Since your account is worth about 65 bucks right now selling it for .1 Bitcoin would break about even.

But, if the price of steem goes back up, you lose out.

Personally, I would just wait for right now and see what happens to the price of steem.

A good payout right n ow would dump a lot of steem into your account right now too, so if you don't really need the $65-$75 bucks right now, I'd keep trying.

Ya , I'm thinking about that too, I really don't want to leave this place.
Maybe I should stay :/

Check my recent post about why I'm happy about the price of steem for some encouragement in case your auction don't go so well.

Ya, noted on that.
Thanks for drop by ;)

You are Giving up @rainchen ???
For every market there are Always Up and Down.
Look at my profile, So far I haven't been Giving Up.
I give my Best shot.
You join #steemit 4 days before me.
Doesn't matter if your posts get paid or not at least you give them your Best Shot.
Never Give Up!!!
@bullionstackers , I actually do something I Love. Don't Give Up.

I don't know men, I love this place. But my post hasn't pay for the last few weeks.
That hurt , I'm out of idea what should I do.
You guys are awesome seriously.

There are plenty of Things to write about. Look at my profile.
I have been going from A to Z. Write just about anything.
Keep it Simple, Original of your own work, Many will love it.

Are you allowed to sell accounts? Or have more than one, since anyone buying one would probably already own one...

Why not ?
I have one account , I don't have so much Facebook account to create more than one.

Oh, no! This is the second one I've seen tonight. We can't all give up right now. Things are still being worked out. Let's see where it goes after the new year. I hear there are some good plans in the works to move us out of beta.

This beta testing has been running for so long, even it's own owner doesn't care much on steem price, they keep dumping it. Where the pump?

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