The Biography of Legend and most talented football player -Miroslav Klose

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Miroslav Josef Klose was a German professional football player . Klose was the most talented football player . He is the most popular player in the football world . Most of football lover know him.

His full name is Miroslav Josef Klose. He was born on Nine june 1978. At present his age is 43 years old . He was born in Opole of Poland . He is a German citizen . His height six feet . He is sticker position football player . He alwsys plays very well . Miroslav Josef klose father's name is Josef Klose. And his mother's name is Barbara Jez. His parents were both player . His father was a football player . His mother was a handball player . His parents always inspire klose. At first His parents were poland citizen . When klose age was eight years old , Miroslave josef klose family reached in Germany . He had settled in Germany . Klose had more interest on football game from child life .
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He married with Sylvia klose. They has twin sons .

When his age was ten years old , he joined SG Blaubach Diedelkopf club. In 1987-1998 he played that club. He scored ten goals.In 1998 he joined FC 08 Homburg II . He scored one goal.There he played in 1998-1999. In 1999 he joined 1.FC Kaiserslautern II . He scored 44 goals.He played that club three years . After three years , he joined Werder Bremen in 2004. He scored 53 goals .
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In 2007 he joined Bayern Munich .There he scored 24 goals . In 2011 he joined Lazio .At least As a Lazio player he scored 54 goals. As national team player he scored total 71 goals .
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In 2008 Miroslav klose led at the European Championship . He scored two goals that league . He finished by runners up that championship .
In 2010 he played FIFA world Cup in south africa 2010 . As a semi finalist He scored four
goals . In 2010 he played German Supar Cup . As a Lazio player he scored 48 goals . He got chance to play for the jerman national team in 2014 World Cup. When his age was 36 years old , he played FIFA world cup in Brazil 2014. He scored two goals . He became the highest goal scorer in the world cups in the history of football world Cups. Really he always became Germany's highest goal scorer when he scored 69 goals total. He played total four world cups .
He retired after Germany world Cup .

Miroslav koise achieved award " The German Player of the Year ". He is FIFA world Cup all time record goal scorer . He is only one football player in FIFA world Cup , he achieved four medals . In 2002 he achieved silver shoe FIFA world Cup 2002 . He achieved golden shoe FIFA world Cup 2006 . In a world he is only one football player , he became highest goalscorer in World Cup . He broke Ronaldo goals record in FIFA world cup 2014. He achieved highest goalscorer in the world . Really he is the most popular and talented football player . He is a legend football player in the history of football world.

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