The Biography of legend football and most famous football player -Zinedine Zidane

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Really Zinedine Zidane was the best legend player of the history of football world . He was born on 1972, 23 june . He was born in Islamic -Malika ladies house . At first his family was Argentian. But Zinedine Zidan was born in Franch. He was born in Marseitey of Franch. He was little child among five brother sisters . His father was Night watchman of a departmental stores. His father spends night because of his work . His mother was a housewife . He was more interest for football from childhood. When his age was five years old, he started to play with neighbours . One day I went to play with local team. But he lost his team by three goals. Braj slashkovok , Anno Fraches kholi , Jian Piaro Papino were his inspiration . When his age was 10 years old , he focused attentively . He joined US cent club when his age was 10 years old. After 2.5 years he selected as a leage for 3 days training. There he showed his extra-ordinary skills on football . Rekuarju Berado impressed with his skills. He offered him to join Canas. When his age is 17 years old , he started his club career . In 1991 he won qualifier as canas team. There his performance was very amazing. On 1992 he joined Geen dis bidorshe. He achieved award Intertoto cup and OAFA Cup . In 1994 he got chance to play as a national player . Because of slow speed player , neugeria rejected him. 1996 he showed his fulfil skills. New castle united proposed him by 1.2 million . But when they saw him face to face , they thought that zidan has no comfortable this game. But that season he won leage one the best player award. He joined Juvantast of Italy by 3 million . 1996 and 1997 seasons he won his team. But 1997-98 and 1998-99 his team lost final round champion leage . That season he scored three goals and 7 assists .

In 1998 he played as national player world cup . This world was first cup for him. But he got hazard group seleting part . When he played against soudi Arab in Second . He hits by his head on soudi arab captain .For this reason Reffery man provided him red color card. At that he left that match by red card .Because of his red card , he could not play next two matches. He joined quarter again as Franch player . Franch reached final round 1998 FIFA world Cup. He played against Brazil . He scored two goals by his head against brazil final match. He acivehed award as "Man of Match ". In 2002 he played Euro cup. There he had done good perfomance . He player Juventast clup. In 2001 he acheived best ward as international best player award .

Real madrid bought him by 130 million. He won total six trophy in four years . His jersey number was 5 in Real madrid . He selected as Best player among 50 years . Last season he played 28 matches. After Ronaldo limar he was second highest goal keeper in Real madrid that time. In 2006 he drew by three goals. 80 thousand fans wrote about Zidan ... "Thanks for the magic " .In 2004 he played very well Euro cup , he defected against Grech quarter final .

In 2006 he got chance to play as national player for FIFA world Cup. He was captain of Franchise that world Cup. He reached final round . But he played against Italy final round . In a word that match was draw particular time .After sometimes Zidan created with Martarijir some disput. As a result he hits by his head on Martaraji beast . At that moment Reffery provided him red card . When he went out of field . At least Franch lost that match. Italy won FIFA world Cup 2006. But Zidan achieved golden ball award . As old football player ,Only he got golden ball award .Zidan was the greatest football player in the world . He was most importance player in France team. In 1998 and 2002 he got French player of year award .

In 2012 he establised Youth football coaching club. He was Firanchian coach in Real madrid . He was a kind man. He helps many fund for helpless persons. In 2007 he provided 7750 dollars maliacian ceraty fund. He worked With UNICEF. In 1994 he married with Ferina Fernandez. He has four sons . They are members of Real madrid . In a word Zidan is successful and most skillful player in the history of football world .

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