Collecting Football stickers- passion from the childhood

in football •  6 months ago

I am a father of two girls but they also like football as me. This year we decided to start collecting stickers of football players of the World Cup in Russia 2018.
I've had this passion for collecting and exchanging stickers since I was a child and I passed it on to children:)
The First step is to buy the album and the fun can begin:)


Then adrenaline and anticipation in the opening of each pack, and happiness when we got some of the famous footballers.

Of course, for us, most valuable ones are stickers of our team -Croatia!


So far we got four of them including Barcelona player Ivan Rakitić

This is quite an expensive hobby, one pack contains 5 stickers and cost 5kuna(Croatian money)= 1US
There is almost 700 stickers so the price of full album will be (if we are lucky) around 200/300 US.
So if some of the fallow Steemians is collecting too I will be glad to exchange my doubles :)

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Fathers are the true ideals

I would have loved to exchange sticker with you, my country team led me down. We couldnt qualify for the world cup as we lost the qualifying match to Sweden.

Nevertheless, keep up the passion with your kids. I really like the fact that you are doing it with your kids.


Ohhh @bimboola I will miss Italy on World Cup. One of my favorite teams!


I'm still collecting Mexico 86 :)

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I could change!! But I m in Uruguay. Today my son and I changed a lot in a shopping center where there is a panini s shop. People go there and change their stickers and buy some that they don t have.
The most difficult are stadiums and legends here. Good luck!!!