Rooney, FFP, Fiddling and Gambling............A review of the Rooney transfer

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Wayne Mark Rooney, philanderer, gambler and lover of middle-aged prostitutes, as well as once being known as a great footballer, has made his first steps into football management by signing for the 'huge' Championship club, Derby on an 18-month contract.

He will commence his role as player-coach in January wearing the unfamiliar number 32 shirt.

Number 32 ?

Yes, the number of gambling company and huge football sponsors Bet32 who appear to be funding this move. How else could a championship club afford £100,000 a week wages with the extremely restrictive Financial Fair Play rules hanging over our heads? It seems they are doing it by making him a coach too and thus splitting his wage into two although they have said he will be used as a player primarily and hope the commercial benefits match his costs.....


There are of course rules about 'spirit of fair play' too so let's hope the EFL take a long hard look at this!

It sounds like a load of manipulative money shenanigans to me so I hope the Football League are taking a close look at the financial implications of this deal, not to mention the ethics of allowing one gambling company to sponsor so many clubs in one division, including Leeds.


Bet32 are currently Shirt Sponsors of 5 teams - Leeds United, Aston Villa, Derby County, Preston North End and Middlesbrough

Just shows how much money Bet32 are making, their deal with Leeds alone was for three years initially but extended by two more years until the end of the 2021/2022 season

Unibet, another of Bet32's parent company brand are also sponsoring the Leeds training kit but these sponsor logos will thankfully not be appearing on any junior replica kit.

Fortunately, Leeds refused to allow Bet32 to use their 'red' coloured branding on our shirts, hence it appears in Blue. Leeds don't ever have the colour red anywhere on their shirts, ever!

So back to Rooney

Good career move for him or simply a once-great footballer coming to the end of his career and trying to make one final big cashout? Surely with all the money he has earned over the years, including £13 million GBP in 2015 and $2.7USD a year on his basic playing wages alone with DC United, not be enough so he doesn't need to sell his soul to the ultimate in tacky and crass commercialism?
Perhaps the stories of him losing £700,000 gambling with teammates while on England duty were true after all......

I wonder if he will be posting his affiliate link on his Twitter feed?

Marching On Together

@nathen007 #lufc #mot

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the ultimate in tacky and crass commercialism.

But that's the whole of pro football, isn't it?

There are so many ads on this page, I'm having a hard time seeing enough of the reply box to see what I'm writing.

Yes, the advertising on here has now reached an intrusive level but in the case of football, I have issues with the Gambling Industry and their hold on the game.
They are advertising to kids who make up a huge percentage of supporters and viewers and gambling can be a destructive trigger for people with even very minor mental health issues. Sweet and snack advertising is controlled, cigarette advertising is banned and alcohol advertising is limited.
There are so many double standards at play, perhaps including my own as the money involved these days I find disgusting but yet I still want to support my team.
I just think a man with known gambling issues selling himself to a gambling company is an extremely poor choice.

Sorry, I missed those implications.
You're right - I found myself in a few weird conversations a few years ago when Tony Blair thought that super casinos were the way to enable regeneration of run-down areas. Gordon Brown put a stop to that, thank goodness.

Have a pile of tokens and thanks for dropping in lol :-)

Thank you :)

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Hello @leedsunited, thank you for contributing to realityhubs.

Congratulations to Rooney on his new position, I've been foreseeing this sort of move from him for about a year though I never expected it to be a double player/manager role.

I feel this is a wise move on his part, getting him ready for when he fully retires.

We are looking forward to future contributions from you.

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RealityHubs Moderator

Thanks and nice to meet you. I will try to get over to Discord and have a chat later.
Best wishes with Reality Hubs :-)

"Wayne Mark Rooney, philanderer, gambler and lover of middle-aged prostitutes"

Hopefully, he'll consider you to perform his eulogy

No, my grammar is terrible. I should have used a full stop after his name instead of a comma! ;-)