First Goalscorer + Correct Score Competion #9: English Premiership Wolves v Man. Utd: 19th August 2019 - 3000 + 8000 (correct score rollover) Tokens shared between the winners of each game

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I really hope you lot don't bet in real life! In over a week of correct score predicting, no one has got a correct score right yet! Rubbish, Anyway, after a break due to it being the wife's birthday on Saturday and me travelling out to Saigon for a new visa yesterday, we are back and lets try to make a bit of effort please, there are more tokens on offer for today's prize than the GDP of a small, third world country!

So today's game is the big Monday night game in the Premiership with Wolves taking on Manchester United at Molineux.

Simply write the name of the first goalscorer and the CORRECT SCORE as a comment. Competition closes 5 minutes before kick-off which is 8.00PM BST or 7.00PM UTC/GMT. Please read that again boys and girls..the CORRECT're not aiming to get the wrong score ;-)

In the first goalscorer competition, own goals do not count. In the correct score competition, it's the score after 90mins. Extra time and penalties do not count and the pot for each competition will roll-over if there is no winner. If more than one person chooses the same first goalscorer or correct score, the prize is shared and everyone gets a little upvote!

That's all you have to do! You have plenty of time to get your entry in and don't forget to try and resteem it around your friends and let's see if we can keep building this up.

Marching On Together

@nathen007 #lufc #mot

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0-3 - first goal Pogba

Rashford 1-3

Wolves 1 - 1 Manchester united

1 - 2 anthony martial

Wolves 0-1 Manchester utd
Goalscorer - Paul pogba

1-2, Rashford

1-1, Raul Jimenez

1-3 martial

Pogba and 3 -1 United.

1:2, Lingard

I dont predict but this is very good way to interact with sports community. Keep up good work @leedsunited.

a contest for tokens - yeah, count me in and lemme think - resteemed to minmize my chances :-)

LOL shurrup and get your guesses in!!!

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Lingaard 0:1