Premier League News - Man City Champion , Man Utd falls against west brom , PEA : The list of the best players nominated to win the rewards!

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Who Will Be Elected Player Of The Year?

On Saturday, the Union of the English professional players, the PFA, unveiled the identity of the 6 candidates for the title of best player of the season. In this list, there are of course the two favourites, the Liverpool winger, Mohamed Salah (25, 31 matches and 29 goals in the Premier League this season), current top scorer of the Championship, and the midfielder of Manchester City, Kevin De Bruyne (26 year 32 games and 7 goals in the Premier League this season).

With also the winger Leroy Sané and the midfielder David Silva, the likely future champion of England place besides 3 players in this list, supplemented by the Manchester United goalkeeper, David of Gea, and Tottenham striker, Harry Kane.


The 6 nominated for the title of player of the season in the Premier League

@DeBruyneKev, @D_DeGea, @HKane, @22mosalah, @LeroySane19 and @21LVA

🏆 #PFAawards

Give us your opinion, for you who deserves to be named the best player this year?


6 Nominated For The Title Of Best Young

After revealing the identity of the 6 nominated for the title of best player of the season in the Premier League, the Union of the English professional players, the PFA, also presented this Saturday the list of the 6 candidates in the running for the title of best young.

The applicants include Tottenham striker, Harry Kane (24 years), and the winger for Manchester City, Leroy Sané (22 years), both also in the running for the title of player of the year. Two other Skyblues, guardian Ederson Moraes (24 years), and the winger Raheem Sterling (23 years), round out the list with striker Manchester United, Marcus Eardell (20 years), and the left-handed all-rounder Ryan Sessegnon (17 years), which has the particularity to evolve at Fulham in the Championship.


The 2018 nominees for the PFA Young Player of the Year!

@HKane, @edersonmoraes93, @MarcusRashford, @LeroySane19, @RyanSessegnon and @sterling7

🏆 #PFAawards

Who would you like to see win the best young player reward this year?


Giroud And Chelsea Overturn Shouthampton! -La Remontada !-

After two matchs without win in championship, Chelsea left again the front by overturning Southampton (3-2) on Saturday as part of the 34th day of Premier League. Having led 2-0 after purposes of (21th) Tadic then (60th) Bednarek, Blues reversed tendency in only 8 minutes! (75th) Hazard and especially Olivier Giroud, entered in game and author of a double (70th, 78th), allowed to the club of London to tear off win! A success which is going to do any good in spite of the 7 points of delay on Tottenham, that relies a match in less, and a Champions League qualification.

What do you think of this Remontada ?


Man City Console Himself Through Tottenham

Eliminated from the Champions League on Tuesday by Liverpool (0-3, 1-2), Manchester City raised the head on Saturday by dominating Tottenham (3-1) as for the 34th day of Premier League. In spite of the purpose of (42nd) Eriksen before pause, Citizens dominated this party with signed achievements Jesus (22nd, (25th) Gundogan and (72nd) Pound. In The classification, City relies 16 points beforehand on his dolphin, Manchester United consequently. With a back of Red Devils on Sunday faced with WBA, Skyblues will be officially blessed champions of England.

In your opinion , what pushed Man City to play such a great game even after 3 defaites before in 10 days ?


Man City: PSG Threatened? Mbappe Would Be Targeted !

After the arrivals of Neymar (222 M€) and Kylian Mbappé (19 years, 23 matchs and 13 purposes in L1 with Paris SG this season) in loan with call option (180 M€) last summer, Paris Saint-Germain met in the viewfinder of UEFA. Certainly, it avoided nobody in Europe, and especially not in Manchester City.

According to Daily Mirror, Citizens would wait to know if the club from the Ile-de-France did not respect the rules of the financial fair play and if it risks sanctions. In that case, the future champion of France will perhaps be made to sell, what Man City would like to be profitable to recruit Mbappé! An unlikely scenario since PSG, which claims to be serene faced with the inquiry of European authority, could really transfer players to reassure itself.

Do you think That Psg will really sell Mbappe To Man City ?


Man Utd: Why Mourinho Kept Blind ?

Wishing to leave Manchester United last summer, Daley Blind (28, 5 matches in the Premier League this season) was finally held by its management. In the book 'Deal', written by the former agent of the Dutch Rob Jansen, we learn that José Mourinho has kept the Defender for a very specific reason.

"José Mourinho is a very proud man, says the former representative of the Mancunian. And he would not sell any of his players to another Premier League club. If for example, Daley joined West Ham, and he had succeeded there, everyone would have criticized the choice of the Portuguese coach. The only solution was to go abroad, but lack of interesting offers. "

They can understand the will of Mourinho not to reinforce another team of Premier League.

Do you think josé mourinho will change her opinion if the club receives an interisting offer for blind?


Arsenal Overturned By Newcastle

On the occasion of the 34th day of Premier League, Arsenal was beaten by Newcastle (1-2) on Sunday. Despite the opening of the score of Lacazette (14th), the Magpies have managed to turn the Gunners with signed goals (29th) Perez and (68th) Ritchie.

In The classification, Arms depot always occupies the 6th place and sees skills for the Champions League moving away practically definitely.

Give us your note /10 for this match | Steem_Foot gives 7/10 |


Man Utd : What Mourinho Expects From Pogba

Things between Paul Pogba (25, 21 matches and 5 goals in the Premier League this season) and José Mourinho seems arranging. Back in the Manchester United lineup, the midfielder gives finally satisfaction to his manager, to the image of his double and his beautiful performance against Manchester City (2-3) last weekend. Now, the Portuguese asked him to repeat that kind of performance.

" After the derby, I told her that I didn't expect him to be the man of the match and he scored two goals every weekend. I asked to be consistent to a certain level. It is the challenge that it must prevail, said the technician. He must keep this regularity, do not make a good game, then one medium and one bad. If it gets there, we see performances such as against City. Most importantly, it is the regularity in training. For a few weeks, I'm pleased with him."

Read More Here

Do you think that the midfielder Pogba will continue giving satisfaction to his manager and supporters of Man Utd?


Manchester City sacred champion of England!

PEP Guardiola might regret having preferred golf to this game (see brief 3:05)! With the surprise defeat of Manchester United face West Bromwich Albion (0-1) this Sunday on the 34th day of Premier League, Manchester City has been officially crowned the champion of England.

Surprised by an aim of Rodriguez (73rd), the Red Devils are now more able to catch up with the Citizens. Always 2nd with a game late, MU is only a point ahead of Liverpool, 3rd.

Manchester City Rewarded For This Crazy Season ;) -ALL CONGRATS !

After a defeat of Manchester United against west brom, Manchister City was rewarded for this great season on the national stage. Because if the Citizens were still disappointed in the Champions League, with an elimination in the quarterfinals against Liverpool (0-3, 1-2), they dominated the head and shoulders the Championship of England.

In 33 days, Manchester City has panicked counters with 28 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses. Offering a very offensive and spectacular football, Guardiola's men have enchanted the audience with a total impressive 93 goals scored! In the 5 major European leagues, only the Paris Saint-Germain has done better in Ligue 1 (96 goals in 32 days).

Guardiola completes his collection

But given the competition in England, the Skyblues performance has even greater value. For Guardiola, it is a new title to his record. Already champion of Spain with FC Barcelona (2009, 2010, 2011) and champion of Germany with Bayern Munich (2014, 2015, 2016), the Spanish technician manages to prevail in a third big European Championship and collect now 7 titles of Champion in 9 years! Now, his challenge will be to shine on the European scene with City...

What do you think of this crazy season of Manchester City? Feel free to respond and debate on comment section bellow :)


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salah is the best player in the premier league this season .

I can't believe Man U lost to West Brom. Terrible game, lucky goal. Also it sort of made Man City the champions in a unceremonious wet fart fashion.