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This team is going down the drain and there is no stopping their slide. Before the season started, I already knew they would be in for a tough season ahead. Ever since they lost 4-1 to Liverpool in pre-season and I heard what the coach had to say as post-match analysis, I already gave up on them. He set the tone for how the season would turn out. He already made it obvious that he has no faith in this current team and when he couldn’t really get to purchase those he had in mind, he started motivating them to get the best out of the current crop he lost interest in. It is pathetic to say the least.


Mourinho is never a coach for the long haul and that has been evident, given his track record over the years. This was why he wanted to sell younger players and buy a quick fix in the region of 30years of age. I don’t blame him but Manchester United knew what they were getting themselves into when they hired Mourinho. This shouldn’t be surprising and this has nothing to do with his third season syndrome where he gets to clash with players before leaving.

Speaking of clashing, Mourinho is having serious issues with Paul Pogba and I am so sure Tony Martial is not having any good vibe towards him either. A coach should know how to conduct his affairs especially when you know you don’t have an option, since the season has kicked off already. This is why I admired what Antonio Conte did with Diego Costa at Chelsea. He knew he had no replacement for Costa, and he didn’t want to disrupt the season, he used him, dropped his own ego as a coach and got the best out of him till the end of the season. The season ended and he sent him a text telling him he won’t be needed next season. Shocker! He used Costa to get the job done and he now exerted his authority as a coach.


This is the common sense I expected from Mourinho, but his talkative nature, coupled with his ego, wouldn’t let him think straight. He always wants to be in control. He wants to show who is the boss, and it is simply affecting the dynamics of the team, as his best player (as people say) won’t give his best for the coach that doesn’t believe in him.

…to be continued…

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When a person involves his ego in decisions then he always bear the loss.
Due to which the whole nation had to bow down.

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Ego is a problem if not properly managed. It blows situations out of control and cause clash of heads.

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