Will Liverpool Hammer United This Sunday?

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Once I heard De Gea and even Pogba was out against Liverpool at the weekend. I immediately went onto my betting account and threw a few quid on Liverpool to win. Now I am never interested in the odds for just a win . I have been quite successful at football betting in the past especially when it comes to goals handicap. I selected that Liverpool win by more than 3 goals. I got 11/1 for it so I am happy. Here is the bet.
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Now after internationals players are fairly slow to get going but after doing a post on Liverpool flying Fabinho and Firminho home from Brazil I have a feeling Liverpool will be firing on all cylinders. They should really want to make a statement here. Their chief executive came out and said Liverpool are indeed back on the perch. This is in reference to Alex Ferguson's quote about knocking Liverpool off their perch. There is no love lost between the two teams so Liverpool will be wanting their big win.
Solskjaer is clearly way out of his depth. But should we feel sorry for him. He accepted the job and he is very very well paid so I'm OK with him getting stick. The Moyes memes and now turning into the Solskjaer memes and they look similar. My only problem is that if Liverpool do hammer United this weekend then Ole will be gone. That means United will go after 2 managers, Aleggri and Mauricio Pochettino. This will be bad for Spurs. So the bet I put on is to really compensate my misery when United sack Solskjaer and they go in for Poch. We have Mourinho waiting in the wings if this does happen but I am not so confident that Jose would suit Tottenham who are fairly tight with their finances. Sunday is a big day for all concerned. But I had to put that bet on. You have to say, the way United are playing and the way Liverpool are playing then add in the injuries. It is set up to be a humiliation. We shall wait and see. What do you expect the result be? I just cannot see a 1-0 even if it is after the internationals.


No way Blanchy, it's going to be 0 - 0, you'll see :D

No matter how Manchester United try to be stubborn, Liverpool will surely beat them

My prediction is 2-0

It has to be a 5 nil or a 6 nil. United are that bad and without De Gea to save them they are in a heap load of trouble. I just hope it is more than 5 or 6 and they are humiliated on their own ground. This has been coming for some time and they deserve what is coming.

Looking forward to this one. 😄

Probably the first score I've predicted right in a decade or so :D

Shows how much I bloody know about football. 😱

I think that's 8 visits without a win now for Liverpool at Old Trafford. Rip the form book up!

Could have been a different story, I think we just edged the decisions/luck.

7/1 isn't a bad price - form could well go out the window. I don't think it will be a great game to watch, but what do i know!

I don't think so, I envisage a draw or better still a slim win for Liverpool by all means. I think United will awaken for this one

You think? I cant see it really. Liverpool are the best team in the world at the moment with no injuries

You're somewhat right, but Manchester United knows it'll be over if they Scandalously lose this one.

Nice prediction. I expect a stroll in the park for Liverpool against this poor United side and also considering some of United top players will be out this weekend due to injury.

I see a 4-1 or 3-0 demolition. Liverpool all the way.

I'm on the same lines as you.

I too would bet on Liverpool winning. They will love it that they've gotten another United manager the sack 2 seasons running. I still find it much more likely Allegri goes to United than Poch. And agree Mourinho may not be that great a fit at Tottenham.

Its a done deal they are saying in some papers. Allegri is the man. He will bring Dybala in. Bit of quality.

I don't think Liverpool will defeat Manchester United by 3 goals, because some of their players are back from injury. My pick is Liverpool 2-1 Manchester United

United to get a goal. Rashford won goal of the month in September because it was the only goal United scored in that month.

Liverpool have all it takes to win the game considering United form but it is always different when two top teams meet.

I think this one is different. United are no longer a top team with a manager clearly out of his depth with injuries. This will be a rout

you're in my super cool curation thing, so snobby, now it would have gone out beforehand but the whole system was down due to the Commies, :( ...........though what I read, I gotta say I'm a Liverpool leaner

I really think it will be a comfortable win for Liverpool. They've been very high this season (with a home court advantage). Though I think United has the fire, I doubt it will be greater than 2-0 :O

It is a grim prospect being a manchester united fan at the moment. I will gladly be in the rurals with access to unreliable wifi so the choice to tune in to the match has been gladly taken from me.

I can\t wait for this to be a boring 1-0 because I am convinced Liverpool will have that nagging feeling that we could score a random goal like we did against Arsenal and then just continue to sit back. I also won't be shocked if we get a hammering and riots break out against the Glazers.

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