Mourinho's First Game Couldn't Of Gone Any Better.

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He had only two days with the squad but it couldn't of gone any better if you ignore the 2 goals West Ham scored to get back into it but considering the week the players had just had. Mourinho immediately brought Eric Dier back in from the cold to provide him with his holding midfielder. He dropped Sissoko and gave Winks the passing role between defence and attack. His full backs were not as active as Poch's with Aurier the only one given permission to attack. This was interesting because Ben Davies the natural left back was happier sitting in and providing a back 3. Mourinho ended up with a 3-2-5 in many cases which is a mile away from his normal methods. Deli Ali was the number 10 which is back to basics for the out of form attacker but this new role gave him a new lease of life. Lucas Moura and Son with Deli provided support for the talisman Kane and things just worked.
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Jose has always been a master tactician and this is what I am looking forward to. He already has his big man up front. His defender that sits in front of the back four. He has his number 10 . If he can hold onto Vertonghen and Alderwerald and maybe bring in a couple more he has some squad. Better than he ever had at United. Spurs play them in two weeks time and I am really looking forward to that one.
Tottenham play Greek side Olympicakos tomorrow to get through to the knockout stages of the champions league. If they get through this then Mourinho will have time to work more with the squads which is an easier run of fixtures until Christmas. I am very optimistic of the next few weeks. We played our best football in months during the first half against West Ham. Play the players in their normal positions. It is amazing how effective that can be. With Eriksen sidelined until Jose can understand what he wants that is fine with me. Eriksen is not a Mourinho type player anyway so it might suit him if he goes at Christmas. Sissoko will be disappointed he was dropped but I can see him and Winks needed for different games. Looking forward now until tomorrow night and this Amazon documentary should be juicy next year.


There is plenty wrong with that spurs squad. The victory had more to do with West Ham being horrible and that goal keeper being utterly useless.

I think you can almost continue to gurantee that you will continue leaking goals with that defence and that will keep spurs out of the top 4.

Ahhhh @deniskj . Whate er is wrong with our team . Multiply it by 10 and thats oles squad.

😁😁😁Let's continue this conversation on the 4th of December. I imagine when we put 4 past Gazza you will be singing a different tune.

Well let's see what the coming days will offer with Mourinho in charge, I think if he stays clear of controversy and focus on doing well, then he might just bring the long awaited trophies

I can see you are excited about Mourinho joining the team, it could be a good thing this happened now but I just hope he won't break the fun for the forward part of the team.

Think its gonna be a great two seasons . Im probably ghe only one who thinks that but with jose uts not gonna be dull

The team is really missing a Luca Modric in the middle, just try to imagine!

Mourinho seems to have done his homework well on studying the Spurs team and the players individually. Secondly, someone described this moment as honeymoon period for Tottenham. Every player wants to show the best he's got so as to become a favorite of the coach and get reasonable play time. Hopefully this is the beginning of a better era for Tottenham.

You look so happy. Me too, I like Mourinho although i am not a Spurs fan :)

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