Sport #66 : Liverpool into the quarterfinals !!

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German coach praised the performance of the students brought the 5-star victory over the field of Porto to 99% of tickets to the Champions League quarter-finals.
Speaking excitement of Jurgen Klopp after Porto 0-5 Liverpool
After the night of Manchester City and Tottenham, English football continues to win in the Champions League 1/8 round when Liverpool crush Porto to five goals not in the Dragao countryside in Portugal. Historically difficult for representatives of the land of fog.
The match ended with an impressive and unbelievable victory for Liverpool.

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Enjoy My friends!


Looks like the 3 premier league teams that have have played their matches are likely to get through to the next round. Let's see how Chelsea fare.

Liverpool's defence is going to be a big problem when the face tough teams... I don't think they can make it to finals... though a manu fan, I really live Kloop's attacking style. I was his fan from dortmund days... the way he turn players of meagre abilities into awesomeness is something that made me his big supporter. Having said that, his defensive players at Liverpool still need a year or two for them to actually challenge for Premier League or Champions League.

Lets see how it goes. can the remaining teams keep the fire burning for the English sides in the Champions league

I am very fanatical with club liverpool, I am sad cautinho on sale ... but he is the best player

Liverpool were on fire last night. They destroyed and annihilated Porto and it was a groundbreaking win for them. 5-0?? That was a plus for Kloop.

Greetings friend I have focused and interested in this type of information which I liked a lot .. Great match of Liverpool in Portugal that is comfortable for the return to face a beaten OPORTO. !!! YOU HAVE MY little VOTE !! many successes

Hi,Im inviting all football fans to take a part in upcoming greatest footbal contest.

I feel this result says more about the state of the Portuguese league than Liverpool. You play who you are scheduled to play, though, and impressive scoreline and result for them. Klopp will be able to give some youngsters knock out football experience in the second leg and give some of that great forward 3 a rest in the crucial run in. Not ideal for the chasing pack in the top four fight (Spurs fan here).

Liverpool have looked pretty good for the majority of the season, the Champions League will probably be there only chance at some silverware with EPL looking gone

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