A Cold and Sweet Taste to Remember #HALO HALO ESPESYAL

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It is always refresing to have a cold and yummy treat especially during a super hot day.

If you want to eat something special, try this sweet ice-cream like halo halo with sweet ube cream drizzled generously and a leche flan on top. This is available at Kuya J's Restaurant.

I will never forget the day I ate this halo halo.

I had experienced mixed emotions that day.

It was another good and fun date with my loving husband. We went to the city, ate at a fine dining restaurant and bought some supplies for the house. At around 3 p.m, we decided to take a rest and cool ourselves with this halo halo.

Just right after we finished eating this, I started to feel contractions as I was about to deliver my fourth baby. So, we hurried back to my town which is 45 km away to the city to get my things and return back again to the city where the hospital is. We don't have our own hospital at our place since it is just a 5th class municipality.

I was thanking God because I was able to endure the pain while I was traveling back and forth to the city.

When we were at the hospital where I was supposed to deliver my baby, there was a big problem I encountered. I really had a hard time giving birth. The hospital staff then decided to do C-session but their operation room is not available so I was referred to another hospital which is far.

When I was in the ambulance, I thought I was going to die. I can't even move my body. I had only my husband with me. I had chills. I thought I was never going to make it.

When the doctors in the second hospital checked up on me, they said C-session is not necessary. All I have to do is endure the terrible pain as my baby inside my womb is healthy and fighting for its life. The staff at the first hospital made a mistake.

I was about to lose hope. But thanks to my great husband, I was able to deliver our beautiful baby girl.


My heart is full of joy for having another great blessing in my life.

So, whenever I eat this halo halo, I am really praying and thanking God for giving me the strength to give birth to my beautiful baby.

She is Alodia Ysabel and she is now 10 months old.



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nice good thing you did not put halohalo in her name :) joke

hahaha lol mam daisy...

shes so adorable:)

ohh yes she is... thank you...😍

I want to taste that halo-halo too. Natakam cguro si baby kaya lumabas na,hehe

hehehe baka nga ganun..

Yummy naman sis.. I miss halohalo..

lalo na ngayon kasi super init hehehe

I thought it was about the food, but with baby in it. Lol!

hahaha lol

I thought too...suspense story from halo-halo to baby...lolz