In the Kitchen - Fragrant Lobster Curry

in foodphotography •  4 months ago

It has been a while since I took the time to do a cooking post so decided to leave the music for today and share our Saturday evening meal which I prepared for my oldest daughters visit

The focus of this dish must be to champion the main ingredient..... the Crayfish (Lobster). So the curry is fragrant with just a mild sting with no sharp tastes to counteract the fleshy sweetness of the crayfish meat


the stars of the show


A - Coconut Milk B - Ground salt, pepper and Chilli Paste. C - Spice mix of hot curry powder, 3 cardamom seeds crushed, 1 star anise and stick cinnamon D - Crushed Garlic and Ginger E - chopped onions F - Curry Leaves G - Fish Masala H - chopped fresh tomatos

First thing I did was clean the crayfish by slicing through the back shell and removing the 'waste' vein....


I then lightly steamed the crayfish and quickly plunged them into cold water. This made it easier for me to remove the shell and also stopped further cooking. The cooking process has to finish in the sauce.


I put the flesh one side


and placed a few handful of shells in some chicken stock with a sprig of thyme and allowed this to simmer for at least half an hour, reducing the stock by about 50%.

< center> stock.jpg

While that is simmering, I placed some olive oil in a large pot and sauteed the chopped onion until just turning brown.
Add the spices (not the fish masala), a tablespoon of red curry paste and cook while stirring for about 5 minutes. Add the tomatos and the STRAINED stock and allow to simmer for a good 20 minutes.

Add half a tin or about one cup of coconut cream and keep tasting until you have the taste you want. Add two teaspoons masala powder and the curry leaves; taste again. Keep adding coconut cream until it is to your liking.


When to your taste, add the lobster meat and once again let the dish simmer for 15 minutes. Not too much as you do not want to overcook the lobster.


I made a brown basmati rice with fresh peas in it and a side green salad for serving !!



Sprinkled fresh coriander (dhania) and dried coconut complement the dish admirably

The family cleaned their plates and had seconds until there was nothing left.

For more of my kitchen endeavours you can check out any oor all of these more recent ones ...

As always, thank you for reading and the continued support.... all five or maybe six of you

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I have always been more of a prawns girl, but DAAAAMN!!!! You really made this look SO good @themagus!


I with you on that one Ma'am .... Prawns rock!!!

Oh, man! This looks wicked delish! However, in a horrible twist of irony (horrible to me, anyway), even though I grew up in a fishing community and ate shellfish all the time - turns out, I'm allergic... pout

Hope you had an awesome visit with the eldest daughter. 😊


Pout indeed, that IS a wicked twist! really enjoyed her visit ... lots of laughter and debate. is not a frequent occurrence unless I 'summon' her... as I did this time.
Are you well @traciyork... any progress with your current twist of fate?


I'm not looking forward to those days (which are wicked close on the horizon) of having to summon our kidlets home. Glad to hear you had an awesome evening.

I'm doing extremely well at the moment, thanks. Had a weirdly wonderful thing happen a couple weeks back, and the Essential Tremors are either completely gone or in remission (neither of which are supposed to happen, at least as far as what the doctors said when I got 'em). I'm enjoying life as an almost normal human being again. Thanks for asking. 😊


As regards your health.....that is indeed fabulous news !!!!! Sending you one BIG {for your hubby's sake ...chaste} ether hug. ...long long may the status quo continue.


Thanks so much, @themagus! Big hug right back atcha!


Oh, my God, that looks delicious! This is what I would like to try now, despite the fact that my stomach is full of watermelon)))

OOOooooooo ho ho! What a fine dude we've got over here, seems like I'll have to visit you asap.


First get to Poland .... and then you can sing my praises {grin}