FOOD | Ice Cream in a Sunny Afternoon

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Summer is really hot in the Philippines and different cooling refreshment is almost everywhere. But one of the all-time favorites of Pinoy is the SORBETES.


"Sorbetes is the traditional variation of ice cream made in the Philippines. It is distinct from the similarly named sorbet. Peddled by street hawkers, it is usually served with small wafer or sugar cones and more recently, bread buns." -Wikipedia-

A flavor of Vanilla with Mango.

When I was still a kid, I can still remember how my best friend and I run after the Sorbeteros for one scoop of Sorbetes. We used to had this escaping moment together when we heard the ring of the bell from the Sorbeteros. We immediately proceed to our favorite hang out and played our favorite game. Her favorite flavor is ube and mine is mango.

I took this photo with Samsung Galaxy Note and this is my entry for #foodphotography by @juliank.😊

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The dirty ice cream :D

I rarely eat this when we were kids because mom will forbid us to buy and only buys during special occasions or just to appease our tantrums lol!

It was the main reason na nag tatago kami pag kumakain nito. But still, it taste good nmn.😊

Haha! The last time kumain ako neto e nung nagcoron kami. Di ako maalala un last time na kumain ako before nun.

i love ice cream nice for in hot weather,,

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