Monday Food Photography: Specialty Grilled Cheese

in foodphotography •  6 months ago

I've never really been known to take pictures of my food but I couldn't help myself with these delectable delights. We decided to get a little crazy when making some grilled cheese the other day so I figured I'd finally try the #foodphotography tag for Mondays initiated by @juliank.

'Mun-cheese' worthy Grilled Cheese!

One of these turophile dream cheese sammies was constructed with muenster and jalapeno pepper jack with a shredded/diced jalapeno beef jerky topping. Both sandwiches were buttered using a sweet Irish butter but this one also had the special addition of my favorite hot sauces - Endorphin Rush. It's a very hot sauce that starts out sweet then gets extremely hot, I love it!

The other was made using muenster and havarti cheeses topped with some sweet and spicy chili Doritos. It also had a very small sprinkling of the sliced and diced jalapeno jerky because it just sounded too good to not at least include a pinch of it in the other as well. I was salivating like a caveman cooking meat on the fire as I sprinkled the jerky over the!
photos captured with Canon 80D/18-135mm - ©2018

Thanks for stopping by!

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until next time...
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That looks tasty! I'm not much of a chip fan, but the jerky sounds like a nice addition.


I basically was just experimenting. I am glad it turned out so well!


The one with the jerky was amazing for sure, will definitely make it again!

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Om-Nom-nom .
Very tasty and I wanted to go and make cheese. It looks very appetizing.


thanks @lena1, it certainly was nom worthy!


They were delicious. I'm a good cook if I say so myself.

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I love experimenting with our food. I enjoy cooking. It's a great stress reliever to be in the kitchen, listening to tunes, preparing food for my family.