Better than I imagined!

in foodblogs •  19 days ago


I thought that making my way to the gym in the morning would be extremely painful and hard.

I’ve gone to the gym in the am before, but usually I would come to lift.

This time around, I came to do cardio and sauna.

What makes today so special?

I’m about to leave the gym and then go home and eat.

After that, I will come back to the gym and do my lifting session.

I’m confident that spending this much time at the gym will solve my back pain!

What I’ve been doing to recover (sitting for 8+ hours a day) hasn’t been working so far.

Time to do the polar opposite!

Tim Ferriss has a common saying:

What if I tried the opposite?

That's exactly what I've decided to do in my life.

Taking it easy and resting has helped some, but it's clear to me that more is needed.

So now I am going to stretch, do cardio and lift in an unprecedented way!

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