Malaysian Preserved Dried Fruits

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Hello dear Steemians! Today I am going to share some of the Malaysian preserved fruits that I like to eat. We generally eat them as snacks and as an alternative to sweets.

These are white sour plums (asam koo putih). They are basically dried plums coated with powdered salt and sugar which gives them the dull-looking grey colour. They taste sweet and sour at the same time. They can be eaten just like that or can be added into calamansi (a type of lime called limau kasturi in Malay) juice for an extra flavour.

These are red sour plums (asam koo merah). They taste the same as the white sour plum unless there is an additional flavour added. The red colour comes from food colouring. These are the ones usually added to the 'Malaysian ice-creams' which are frozen ice-creams that come in long tubes. Some sellers add a red sour plum at the bottom of the ice cream as a bonus for the customers.

These are some dried fruits that I kept in another container.

Here is a closer look of them.

The black fruits are pitted prunes (asam prune hitam).

On the other hand, the red fruits are called red peach (asam buah api-api merah). It is my favourite as I Iike it best so I saved it for the last. It is soft and tastes sweet. There is also another variation available where they come in green colour.

This is how it looked after I took a big bite :D

My finger got stained by the colour of the fruit. When I was a child, my friends and I used to pretend it is a lipstick and stain our lips with it.

I hope that you find my post interesting and enjoyed reading it. Thank you for dropping by and have a great day/evening ahead :)

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Like seriously? The socond image looks like a stone filled round with salt or sugar. I would love taste the fruit.

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Yes they do look like stones lol :D maybe it is because they are dry. I hope you get to try them one day!

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actually it's same with what we have here in Indonesia @yashny

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Oh great! I guess since our countries are neighbours, we share some common food and snacks =)

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yes. and i think these are actually not from our country (indonesia or malaysia) @yashny. It made by chinese in the past

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Oh I see! Thank you for sharing the info. I will look it up.

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you're welcome :).no problem yashnny.

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