How being a Vegetarian is advantageous for you!

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Most people among my friends today love eating non-vegetarian food. Even some vegetarians seem to have converted themselves to non-veggies because of peer pressure and sometimes because they like the taste of the non-veg. 

However, what if I tell you that being a vegetarian has its own set of benefits which you don't get if you are a non-vegetarian? 

During the early ages, when humans were living as cavemen, in some remote regions, it was difficult to get plant based food. Remember, farming hadn't started back then. 

So, early humans used to hunt animals for their meat to feed themselves. 

Today, thousands of yeas later, we have farming and all kinds of plant food available. 

But, the tradition of hunting and eating animals continues even today. 

Although, people don't physically go and hunt now-a-days, rather animals are bred just for their meat. 

What if I tell you humans as a species are created totally different from animals, such as a tiger or other carnivores?

We, humans were always meant to eat plant based food to unleash our full potential as a human being. 

Let's try to understand this:

To perform activities, both physical and mental, we need energy. 

Where do we get the energy from? 

From the food we eat. 

And ultimately where does the food we eat get the energy from? 

From the sun in the form of energy packets which is absorbed by plants. 

So, when you look at it from a wider perspective, if you are a non-vegetarian, you actually don't get the fresh energy and instead, you get the second-hand energy. 

Don't understand?


So, from the above info, you can see that the energy from plant gets consumed by the animal and the same energy after being consumed by an animal is consumed by you after killing that animal and eating it. 

So, when you think about it, you aren't consuming fresh energy. 

Non-Veggies, please don't get offended but try to make sense of this with an open mind. 

Yes, I do agree they taste good and that is the reason why so many are addicted to eating meat. 

But what if you get the energy of the sun directly from plants? 

It remains fresh and you get to consume most of the energy. 


Why eat plants? Why not consume the energy directly from the sun? Isn't that better than eating plants? 

Yes, that's actually even better. I remember reading about some people who survive weeks just by feeding on Solar energy. They don't even have to consume food but can survive on Sun and Water. 


Cool, isn't it? 

How to do that?

Well, as far as I know, all you have to do is expose yourself to the sun. But to know more about it and actually try it, I'd suggest you Google the correct methods of doing it.

So, what other advantages do we have? 

1. Consuming veg food reduces the chances of getting cancer, a study shows. 

2. You are less likely to accumulate unwanted fat and cholestrol by eating veg. 

3. It keeps you active. 

4. Your digestive system doesn't have to spend much energy to digest the veg food and hence you have extra energy in your body which can be used as an when needed for mental or physical activities. In short, you'll be more energetic to do work. 

5. Point number 4 is the main reason why Brahmans in the earlier times used to be very sharp and witty.  

6. It helps aid your spiritual path. 

7. The bad energy accumulated by the animal doesn't get stored in your body. 

8. Currently I'm only able to think of these points. If you guys have any in your mind, please write down in the comments below!

This video will be able to explain you in detail about increasing your human energy: 

Hope this helps you change to a Veg diet and remain healthy.


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Zzzzz.... You eat veggies and I will balance nature by eating non veg :)


Hahah.....still shows the difderence that what is good balance....

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Have a question mostly in western culture meat is there most fav food....why they do not get any diesease

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They will have a lot of diseases. Why do you think they are so fat and obese?
If you compare them with us, most of us are healthier than them.


Ahhh that true dear....

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Yes it's have too many advantages and benefits it's not only that non vegetarian have benefits it's we have to decide what healthy diet we are taking.... Amazing post loved ur post just check my post if u liked it kindly upvote and gave support will glad

Number 7 is a big one people don't consider! I definitely feel a lightness since giving up animal products- as if some bad energy has been lifted 😊