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RE: Miss. Delicious #88 : Sea Trekking at Nemo, Land of Legends!

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@sweetsssj - Wow - An underwater restaurant!! The Land of Legends never ceases to amaze us! From your last post, I was already in love with the place and had put it on the list of places to visit. However, now I am just dying to visit it.

Do you remember that James Bond movie where there was an underwater dome office with all the sharks swimming all around outside? This restaurant must give that kind of feel. Must be really cool.

I could experience some of it through the excellent gifs you have posted.

The actual experience of swimming with sharks may creep me out. You are very brave to try it!

The underwater pictures of you are stunning. You look amazing and very fresh as usual.

Thanks for sharing this amazing place with us through your blog. Upvoted full.

If you have time, I request you to take a look at my post Love your mother? based on my picture of a cute mother-daughter Zebra pair. Would love to see your feedback in comments. Thanks



vm2904! Thank you for your comment again. It's really such a great place which i'm sure you and your family will treasure the experience for many years to come. I'm sure you'll make the most of it when you visit. Hopefully my little coverage will help wet your appetite!

I never saw that movie but now that you mention it i have to watch it, which one was it?

I'll take a look at your post, thanks !!

The movie was 'Spy who loved me' and I think that underwater dome was called 'Atlantis' and was the villain's layer.

Aaaahhh, I remember that scene. It was really funny.

Great Clicks <3

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