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RE: Miss. Delicious #72 : The Swimming Pig Gastro Pub at Baha Mar!

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@sweetsssj I am blown away by this cozy little pub nestled in a resort. Typically, I would not have expected a pub like this in a tourist frequented resort. They usually sport more modern versions without the cozy feel of traditional British pubs. The red comfortable chairs add to the decor as well as comfort. The ale pipe are fabulous and do indeed look like organ pipes. I appreciate your eye for detail and beauty in capturing the honeycomb window and I love the Royal guard picture. The swimming pig pictures would have been the last thing I would expect in a pub but the Irish pubs do have quirky names and decors to go with their names so I guess this one is following that tradition. I am a wildlife enthusiast but have not taken a single picture of swimming pigs!! Must put it on my list.

Thanks for introducing this wonderful pub for all Steemians. Upvoted

By the way - is that a brocade top you wore? I am not too familiar with fashions but remember having seen some traditional wear like that. As usual, you look stunning and so does the location.

At my end, I continued my observations of nuggets of wisdom from wildlife and wrote a blog 'How to Chill -
Monkey Style' with my wildlife photos and musings with a twist
. I request you to take a look at it when you have time. Your comments, as always, would be an encouragement and incentive for me to make better blogs. Thanks


You are so detailed when it comes to reviewing my post, you are a real friend and I thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed comment too. I just had a look through your new posts and they are amazing! I upvoted them :) Thank you for dropping by vm2904, it's a pleasure as always :)

Thank you friend. I consider it as an honor to have you as my friend. You did not answer my question about the top you wore. I think my knowledge of ladies fashion is very outdated :)

Actually i'm not sure of what the brocade top is, that's why I couldn't answer your question. It's one of my favourites from taobao in china :)

As per Wikipedia - Brocade is a class of richly decorative shuttle-woven fabrics, often made in colored silks and with or without gold and silver threads. The name, related to the same root as the word "broccoli", comes from Italian broccato meaning "embossed cloth". Here is a picture of the cloth which I found on google:

I thought this was what your top looked like. Anyway - it is great - whether it is brocade or not!

wow thank you for this information, then I guess it is! You're a star :)