Cheeses of the Week #3 - Black Pepper Pecorino, Jarlsberg, Cambozola

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Hello all! Happy Saturday!

This week we tried three different cheeses, all from Trader Joe’s, which is THE place to get the best cheeses! Yum!

The first one is a Black Pepper Pecorino cheese from Italy. And Wow does it WOW! It has a delightful, strong, pungent taste with a nice bite of spicy black pepper. As I sit here eating this, it takes me to the rolling hills of Italy where the sheep are grazing on the lush grass and there’s not a care in the world. Awesome with grapes and crusty french bread. Definitely a crowd-pleaser.


The second cheese is a semi-sweet, part-skim Jarlsberg wedge from Norway. Compared to all the different cheeses we have tried, this one is no doubt the mildest, I think it mostly having to do with it being made from part-skim milk. For those who aren’t into strong-flavored cheeses, this one is for you. Mellow and nutty-flavored, this cheese is perfect for those starting on their cheese adventures! A bonus to the cheese is that it is naturally lactose and gluten-free!


The third cheese is a triple cream, soft-ripen Cambozola blue cheese. A perfect marriage between a soft brie and a pungent blue cheese. Although it has a lovely taste, it wasn’t quite what I expected. I enjoy eating brie cheese, but I thought the blue cheese was a bit overpowering. However, for those who want to take their cheese palate to the next level, this is a must! Delicious non-the-less!



All very delicious! Thanks for the creative descriptions! I’m tasting it as I read!

Wonderful! I’m glad I can share and inspire everyone to the awesome cheeses of the world!

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