STEEM Food Tours # 56_ : La suite lounge of hotel St George Lycabettus in Athens Greece

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These days I visit hotel restaurants because I pursue nice view and open horizons.


So, my Sunday walk brought me to this restaurant of a five star hotel in a place named Kolonaki in the centre of the city of Athens.


As far as the hotel rooms are concerned I remember those are quite small, not in line with a five star hotel. The restaurant located on the top floor was not as spacious and 'open hearted' as one would expect. The entrance is small, the ceiling is not high, somehow you get the impression that you must finish quickly and leave as the seats are not comfortable to allow long hours of dining. You know what I mean? The view is good, nontheless there are other hotels with much better views..






As this is fast period for me I tried to order food without dairy, meat or fish..and it was quite difficult. All plates were good, but in small quantities.

Salad: this was supposed to have cheese which I left out. See the portion?


Overall tasty one.

Shrimps: very tasty too, but needed two rounds to satisfy my hunger!


Ice cream: also very good as the combination with the cup increased the pallet of flavors


Overall: nice food, not a remarkable experience!
Special thanks to @jeffjagoe for his steem food tours!

Link of this place:

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Thanks for entering @steemfoodtours #56!

Όλα φαίνονται πεντανόστιμα και σε συνδιασμό με την θέα της ακρόπολης γίνονται ακόμη καλύτερα...

Ευχαριστω πολύ!

Yummie 👍

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I like the view, I like every view of Greece. Likewise, I don't like the small portions ... and that's not okay!

I totally agree!!!

I'm glad, thank you!

I like the bread combination in the first pic. Looks like a good spread. Also the ice cream looks spectacular. Thanks for entering the @steemfoodtours contest @tikotiko! Cheers and have a nice weekend

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Thank you @jeffjagoe!