Poll:68 whats the Best restaurant you know?

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Since we all have access to different varied food groups our favorite restaurants usually reflect the local preferences and are not always a multinational corporation like McD and maybe serve a higher quality menu filled with the culinary delights of the local cuisine you love best or you may prefer something different from of your regular meals like maybe Chinese if your not Chinese.

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Poll:68 whats the Best restaurant you know?

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Arsalan Restaurant

The taj hotel which is probably the best restaurant in India

#Poll:68 whats the Best restaurant you know?

the longest lasting impression i have is from when i was a kid and my parents got invited by one of their friends working for Honda, some japanese restaurant and club/nightclub where the big ones came to eat when in belgium too.
Amazing decor, private rooms, super sushi lol, first time i ate raw fish, amazing experience too it always stayed with me but for the love of life i cant remember the name ... tagawa maybe but that googles to a grocery store, ... the thing was huge, maybe its gone