🔥 LAST CALL TO WIN STEEM! Only several hours left to take part in this round! [FOODspedition #19]

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Only until Sunday (until 11:59 pm) you can show us the sauce that comes from your country and win the STEEM!

The rules are simple! Show the photo of the sauce that comes from your country, write its name and describe it briefly. In the comment, add also its estimated value in your currency, US dollars and STEEM. I will choose and award the 3 most interesting entries, and their authors will receive a prize in STEEM!

Check the details and post your entry in the contest post!
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Name: Pesto Sauce
Country: Italy 🇮🇹
Price: 2€/2.27$/4.92 Steem

Info: Italy has a lot of great sauces, but in my opinion pesto is the best one.It Is typical of my country and in particular of Liguria, where the climate is not so cold in winter and all the ingredients can grow without problem all the year.


  • Basil: this is the main ingredient in this recipe, because it gives a good taste to the sauce and we use only the leaves.
  • Pine Nuts: this is the crispy part of the sauce. There are a lot of pines in Liguria.
  • Olive Oil: this kind of oil is very famous all over the world, because its taste is amazing and it is important in this recipe to mix all the ingredients together.

Process: all the ingredients are mixed together. To have a better result, it is necessary that they do not heat too much. We use this sauce with pasta, pizza and waterboiled vegetables. It is great!!!

Thank you @the.foodini for your contest and have nice weekend!

Name: Roasted eggplant sauce
Country: Venezuela
Price: 1000.00Bs.s / 0.400 USD / 0.800 STEEM
Information: Eggplant sauce is a small portion of tasty, smoky taste with freshness, it is easy to prepare and it can be eaten with toast, bread or grills.
With a large aubergine, a clove of garlic, half red pimento, lemon juice, oil, salt and pepper (optional sesame seeds to your liking) is prepared quickly and easily.
After having the eggplant washed it is made hollows with a fork and it is placed on fire to be solitaire round and round every time so that it does not burn being ready it is left to cool it is peeled and it is added to the blender with the rest of the ingredients is liquefied and ready a sauce ready and tasty.
There are people who do not like eggplant in food and I am one of them but in sauce fascinates me.


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