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One of the most popular and nutrient-rich fruits in the native fruit is the fruit. This fruit is available only to the small and the big, all of the available fun. It is found in the market throughout the year, but more is available in the monsoon season. In our country, this fruit comes in market in the month of August and until October.

Peru, parts of Africa and India, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Indonesia are famous for their cultivation. In our country, Pirojpur district has more production. Although the yield of unchatched barisal yielded once a year, the imported banana imports from Thailand result in twelve months of fruit. There is a raw tobacco or tummy, but there is less sourness and sweetness.

To save 90 percent of the water. The inventory contains sufficient amount of pancreatic fiber and antioxidant material. For every 100 grams of carbohydrates 4 to 5 percent of sugar, 1 gram of 1 gram, calcium 36 mg, iron four milligrams, carotene 270 microgram, Vitamin-B 10.28 mg and vitamin-C 20 milligrams are available.

Reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease

Ample natural anti-oxidants such as Vitamin-C rich fruit. This vitamin-C prevents our old age, reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease, helps in the prevention of various diseases of gums and teeth. The quality of skin, nails and hair are very good quality. It is quite useful in cold-coughing.

To eliminate blood loss

The main components of oxygen suppliers, hemoglobin and myoglobin throughout our body are iron. Therefore, to protect the health of the body, iron is needed and daily consumption of 15 to 35 percent of iron is possible due to daily consumption. Iron is quite effective in reducing our emotions.

Reduces harmful cholesterol

The impoverished body plays a special role in the heat control. Help us to remove excess heat from our body. Reduces the amount of harmful cholesterol in the blood.

To prevent constipation

Fracture fumes are useful to prevent indigestion and constipation.

To prevent convulsions

Use of acne as cough and pesticide is quite common.

Removes distortions

Acne removes facial irritation. After eating a few cups of water in a cup of water and mixing it with a little sugar, the lack of food was reduced.

After delivery, control excess bleeding

Bark, leaves, fruits, flowers and roots of bitter gourd are used for herbal treatment. For example, the leaves and bark of the United States of America have been widely used in treating midwifery diseases. These are used to eliminate the pain of childbirth, to control excess bleeding after delivery, to increase the mother's milk and to remove any cervical infection.

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