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One of the biggest concerns people have is Climate Change. Everyone seems to want to stop it and the ideas to do so are seemingly infinite:
Solar Power
Wind Power
Smoke Stack Scrubbers
And so much more...

But what if what we need to combat climate change is much simpler?
What if each and every one of us can choose to make an impact today while making ourselves more healthy?

Good news...
We can

AMP this ->

By choosing to eat food grown regenerativly we are not only eating healthier food we are helping to provide the economic incentive for farmers to change what they are doing and instead of actively making climate change worse they can start to be part of the solution to climate change.

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Very important Ted Talk everyone seems to forget about climate change

Well this is a nice approach to stop the climate change. Everyone can be a part of it and it's in everyone's hand to do so.
Good post, followed and resteemed my friend :)
Don't stop raising awareness for such kind of problems!

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