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RE: The Day my Dad Pushed Me into the World. And, What can Minnows learn from In-N-Out, Chick-Fil-A, @papa-pepper, @gringalicious, and @sweetsssj

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I love this post, you have a really good way of explaining things pippninja! Thank you for this very useful post for steemians and wish you all the best on your steemit journey!


Thank you @sweetsssj! I feel that same way about how you write! I loved your most recent post about BBQ. I live near Memphis so I know about "Dry rub" ribs that don't have too much sauce. Your BBQ garlic shrimp looked amazing. You must only eat like one bite of each of your food items! You show us so many good things! If you ate everything, you would weigh 500lbs!!

If you ever come to Nashville, TN, My family and I I would love to host you and your group! There are a lot of really great places to see, eat, and blog about here. Nashvillians are very friendly. You would be well received!

that sounds like such a lovely offer and I will definitely look you up when I come to Nashville!