Miss. Delicious #72 : The Swimming Pig Gastro Pub at Baha Mar!

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Dear Steemit friends:


I've spoken very little about the new resort, Baha Mar thus far, and that is because most of my time was spent staying at Atlantis and visiting some of the islands in and around Paradise Island. As a brand new resort only officially opening in May of 2017, Baha Mar remains a resort that has yet to build a reputation but seeks to offer a high quality luxury alternative to the incumbent giant that is Atlantis.

My journey to Baha Mar thus far has taken us to the 3 Tides Restaurant, a lovely Mediterranean restaurant that features some of the best Caribbean fish crafted and served in the heart of the resort.

Those of us who yearn for a more grounded dining experience might be thinking the 3 Tides is too garish and lacks the casual atmosphere that you seek in a resort designed ground up to be the centre of casual relaxation. Indeed, there are other options suited to this demographic, and today's edition of Miss. Delicious will seek to fill that gap!

Though not entirely complete, the Baha Mar resort has done a really good job of staging it's intention to impress. A scent of 'newness' and fresh off the construction belt feeling can be felt throughout the hotel.

It's rare for me to visit somewhere completely new because I never know what quite to expect. There isn't a whole lot of literature or reviews regarding the hotel and it's amenities so every experience here is unbiased from any sort of prior research on the venue.

These corks are nearly the size of my body. Behind it, a simple message - Celebrate. And why not? A grand opening with some very audacious goals to conquer the Bahamas calls for the opening of a bottle of wine - or many.

Just opposite this celebratory exhibit, we have our dining venue of choice for the evening.

The Swimming Pig Gastro Pub

As the name would suggest, this pub restaurant pays homage to the unique experience Bahamas offers with it's peculiar Swimming with the Pigs. Being the only true pub in the resort, it has the widest range of beers and ales as well as everything else you could expect from a well stocked bar.

I really like the high red leather chairs at the bar. They look really comfortable for those wishing to spend a night at the bar exclusively drinking the liquors available to them.

Some privacy dividers separate the bar area from the dining area but you can see the amber bronze theme penetrates throughout the pub and lights up the whole area in a consistent bronze golden haze.

There must be about 20 different ales available here, all displayed at the back of the bar, and funnelled through the shiny golden tubes which draw a lot of attention. These golden metal tubes were the first thing I noticed when I walked in. They remind me of organ pipes - really shiny golden ones.

The big mosaic of flat screens behind the bar keep the customers eyes pinned to the front whilst sipping on their drinks.

And below, we have a large selection of wines ready to be popped open and their corks added to the display just outside.

One design element that stood out to me before I even entered the restaurant was the windows which completely obscure the inside of the restaurant. They look a lot like a bee's honeycomb, select cells tinged with amber for effect.

Just behind me and hung on the wall, are two really interesting sketches, one of the Coldstream Gaurds that are now so synonymous the British Empire, and the other of the Queens's own Cameron Highlanders which were formed in 1793.

I was still wondering why the pub named itself after the Swimming Pigs of Major cay, indeed, the pub has decorated several wall faces with pictures of the darling pigs and their watery antics.

The pictures of the pigs are so adorable, if at this point you haven't had the chance to visit the Swimming Pigs, then the pictures serve as reminder to do so!

There's even a picture of a bird standing on a swimming pig!

And a neat row of swimming piglets!

This porker isn't camera shy at all.

On to the food!

As you can see, the menu has quite a range of foods on offer. I was surprised to see Wagyu Carpaccio on the menu, as it isn't something I would normally expect from a pub restaurant.

I also really like how they've written a bit of history about each of their "Legendary Cocktails".

Onto the food

First up, we have a light salad gently doused with olive oil and vinegar. A perfect healthy appetiser.

The obligatory french fries which were amazingly crispy and freshly fried. I love to pick at the smaller cuts because they tend to be the most crispy and tasty.

Next, we have Steamed Mussels which are prepared in a Spicy Beer Broth! It tastes a bit bitter, and certainly quite different from the garlic broth i'm used to having steamed mussels in but the mussels themselves are very fresh, and full of fresh sea tasting flavour.

Here we have the Charcuterie Board. It is served with a selection of Cured Meats, Imported Cheeses, Chicken Liver Pate, Marinated Olives, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Gherkins and Crostini bread.

When presented with a wide array of little dishes meant to be eaten together, I'm always a bit confused as to how I should go about consuming it all.

The way I decided to go about it on this occasion, is use the Liver Pate as a spread on the Crostini, then add a slice of the cured meat. Taking a bite from combination, I then nibble on the Sun-dried tomatos, gherkins and olives. It seems to work quite well because the Liver Pate has a very strong savoury taste which is easily offset by the Gherkin, Tomatoes and Olives.

To complete the meal, I opted for a glass of their Legendary Dry Manhattan Cocktail. This was an exceedingly strong tasting whisky based cocktail which nearly made me pass out!

Cheers everybody and hope you enjoyed my post!

I must say, I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this pub restaurant, and that is a good thing because it took such a long time for the waiters to come take my order, and an even longer time to serve the food!

I was however impressed with the wide variety of dishes to choose from. The mussels were a very welcome change from the Italian garlic style that I'm used to. Servings here are very generous in size, whether it's the food, or the drinks, you won't find this pub cutting back and trying to cost cut with diluted drinks, or small servings of food. For a person with a stomach larger than my frame would suggest, that is always very welcome!

Hope you enjoyed this post, don't forget to upvote if you like it, follow for more, and feel free to leave a comment to let me know what you think!

差不多要结束在天堂岛亚特兰蒂斯酒店的旅程,在巴哈马的后一段形成,我选择住在刚刚开放了一部分的巴哈·玛凯悦酒店。在亚特兰蒂斯酒店和Virgil's餐厅的服务员聊天时,她就强烈推荐我住到凯悦酒店,一定不要错过The swimming pigs酒吧餐厅。她说她曾经在那里吃过饭,是非常美好的回忆。这个名字对于来巴哈马旅游的游客并不陌生,这不就是岛上最拉风和吸引人的旅游项目——和小猪游泳嘛。用这个名字“游泳的猪”这么耳熟能详的起名作餐厅名,应该不会有人不记得了。




This post accentuates the best of what you do. You're not simply writing a travelog or producing a photo essay, but you're taking your followers on an adventure to exotic places .

But it's not just an escapist fantasy either, because your review of the various resorts and accommodations is detailed and accurate. I could see you syndicating your posts and having them published in magazines or even daily newspapers seeing as you produce them rather frequently.

Today's post is an excellent example of what you do because you are reviewing a brand new resort, the Baha Mar, and as you point out in your post, there aren't a lot of reviews or descriptions of the amenities and a prospective traveler would get a first-hand report of what to expect.

Generally, your reviews are very positive but a discerning reader will notice small tips, for instance, about the lag time between placing an order and being served. If a person enjoys an unhurried dining experience that would be an ideal. Me? I 'd be out of there fast because I want what I want when I want it - but that's just me....hmmm, the story of my life I'd say :)

You also include a wealth of photos, so many that I feel I've been there enjoying the golden haze of light in the dining area or seeing the light sparkle off the gold draft beer tubes.

As always, a gracious and delightful experience of an exotic locale. Good work, @sweetsssj!

Thank you John, you've analysed my style rather thoroughly and i'm really happy you've picked up on the way I like to present things, that means you know exactly what to expect when you look through my posts. As always, I really appreciate you spending the time to read through the writing part and pick up on the finer details.

professional writer

the photos are so great and i want to congratulate you sweetsssj..for sharing with us the beautiful 3 Tides Restaurant on Baha Mar, the pigs pictures are also cute.hmmn the food looks so tasty and all fresh. i feel so hungry on your post.Lol..thumbs up to you my dear.i love to see more in your post..take care always my dear..^_^

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Thanks to all friends.

very well said john.

Your pictures are so beautyfull.

thank you!!

Hey, nice post! Glad to meet you! So cool, we are worldwide!!! NICE.

Please follow me back, I have some amazing photography posts planned.

: )


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Looks tasty. I always like having different things to pick from. Makes me feel spoiled :)

thank you fisch, this place would serve you well in that case!

This is all looks so yummy! Great post @sweetsssj

thanks cron, one for the watering of the mouth 😊

Again Beautifully written blog :)

Couldn't agree more!

thank you dear :)

You're so beautiful! :)

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Hi dear @sweetsssj....you are eating alone, sitting with so many things, It's really mouth watering....
And today I have put my Introductory post, @geetharao... Please check and upvote me....
I am one of your followers..

The pig are so cute!

Yummmmi food in explanation by @sweetsssj
Hello I am sorry Iam late in coming to your blog.
Just know Iam in work. Now I just finished my job.
I see your blog in my feed. So i run to say that Iam very appraciate every your creation in every post. I have say you are my lecture in travel. So I created a blog in Chines language. if you have time. I hope you can helpm in to resolv my self in future.
Thanks for your kindness Mrs. @Sweetsssj

hi joe, thank you for making a post in Chinese, how did you write it?

Sorry Mrs. @sweetsssj I late to see your replay on my comment. Yeahhh I have told you before. I like your blog. So, I learned every your blog. and I try to write it in english and than, I translate it to your language.
May I know your name

Hey @sweetsssj, I have started to run out of adjectives to describe and praise your posts. And I call myself a writer and this makes me look myself to be a pseudo writer. So using only symbols to express my thoughts on this one.

Waw ... very unusual.
I really like picture posting.
Your post is very entertaining me.
But if you have a chance, try a vacation in my area.
Maybe you will like the special food that is in my area.

**I'm @aroyl start subscribing to your post

thanks aroyl, appreciate the support :)

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Thanks to all friends.

Very interesting Resort.
When I Look at the pictures on your postings,
I really like _ decorating of lighting _ on any room that I value him as a romantic philosophy.
To taste the food that is served, I hope someday I can taste the clams boiled it, and surely, I must first be there
Prayer To me Please to go there !
Thanks @sweetsssj

I will pray for you to visit sooner rather than later bewe :)

Wow, I really like Caribbean fish ...

But if the pork, I really do not like it, because from what I know that pigs are animals that contain parasites, from the articles I read that pigs are dangerous because pigs contain bacteria and viruses, dangerous and feared viruses, ** Virus H1N1 ** or better known as ** swine flu ** (swine influenza).
In the year 2009 swine influenza virus is considered very dangerous because it had occurred in a pandemic that caused thousands of people to experience death worldwide.

I think @alanmirza like that, but I do not know for sure, because I did not examine it directly, it is from what I learned at university.

that's interesting, I don't think the meat used here will carry such diseases but you never know! Thanks for pointing that out alanmirza :)

Urwel @sweetsssj. . .
But, if interesting why i do not get vote from you :(
How do i get it?

My journey to Baha Mar this far has taken us to the 3 Tides Restaurant, a lovely Mediterranean restaurant that features some of the best Caribbean fish crafted and served in the heart of the resort.

Wow, have fun, you are so beautiful.

thanks fitriyanihsb :)


Yes! I actually went to meet them myself, it's real!!

Always great pics!


So... Are you still in Bahamas? Lucky you :)

I've returned for a little while now, just catching up with blogging about my adventures there and taking a few weeks break before I think about travelling somewhere new!

i will go to dubai in some weeks, thanks for sharing!

sounds like a lot of fun thecryptotrader, I still haven't been yet!

@sweetsssj , the menu is in $ or AED? Thanks

It's in USD

Is this a pig pub?

haha a pig pub! That is actually what it is haha

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Thank you again Sweetsssj... this all looks so wonderful I just want to drop myself in the experience - Which reminds me, Warren Buffett regularly has a lunch with him auctioned on ebay. Read this: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-06-10/buffett-s-lunch-auction-attracts-winning-offer-of-2-68-million

No how about it Sweetsssj? When is the ultimate post coming - "Sandy Toes with Sweetsssj and Lunch". How much will I pay? How much would others pay? You are giving it to s steem-charity fund, let the whales make offers?

You look like a doll, mmm rich food, friend yesterday post some photos you could help with your vote :) I like your photos :)

thanks anyisol, which friend may I ask?

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Thanks to all friends.

how are you doing, just post few hours ago.

@sweetsssj I am blown away by this cozy little pub nestled in a resort. Typically, I would not have expected a pub like this in a tourist frequented resort. They usually sport more modern versions without the cozy feel of traditional British pubs. The red comfortable chairs add to the decor as well as comfort. The ale pipe are fabulous and do indeed look like organ pipes. I appreciate your eye for detail and beauty in capturing the honeycomb window and I love the Royal guard picture. The swimming pig pictures would have been the last thing I would expect in a pub but the Irish pubs do have quirky names and decors to go with their names so I guess this one is following that tradition. I am a wildlife enthusiast but have not taken a single picture of swimming pigs!! Must put it on my list.

Thanks for introducing this wonderful pub for all Steemians. Upvoted

By the way - is that a brocade top you wore? I am not too familiar with fashions but remember having seen some traditional wear like that. As usual, you look stunning and so does the location.

At my end, I continued my observations of nuggets of wisdom from wildlife and wrote a blog 'How to Chill -
Monkey Style' with my wildlife photos and musings with a twist
. I request you to take a look at it when you have time. Your comments, as always, would be an encouragement and incentive for me to make better blogs. Thanks

You are so detailed when it comes to reviewing my post, you are a real friend and I thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed comment too. I just had a look through your new posts and they are amazing! I upvoted them :) Thank you for dropping by vm2904, it's a pleasure as always :)

Thank you friend. I consider it as an honor to have you as my friend. You did not answer my question about the top you wore. I think my knowledge of ladies fashion is very outdated :)

Actually i'm not sure of what the brocade top is, that's why I couldn't answer your question. It's one of my favourites from taobao in china :)

As per Wikipedia - Brocade is a class of richly decorative shuttle-woven fabrics, often made in colored silks and with or without gold and silver threads. The name, related to the same root as the word "broccoli", comes from Italian broccato meaning "embossed cloth". Here is a picture of the cloth which I found on google:

I thought this was what your top looked like. Anyway - it is great - whether it is brocade or not!

wow thank you for this information, then I guess it is! You're a star :)

Weldon my friend, the restaurant looks so astonish, the pictures are so lovely, I like the picture of the pig in a role, like you said, anyone who have not gone to swim with the pig will want to know what the pictures of the pig stand for, and after the explanation, would want to go and swim with the pig. As for the whisky based cocktail, your body really need it because of cold. good reporting. nice job as usual. upvoted.

thank you hynet, i'm still waiting for your next blog :)

Okay, it will come soon, please do make out time to check your chart, i charted you. nice job.

you charted me? I don't understand??

oh sorry. what i mean is steemit chat


Please comment on my posts on @lovelyday.

I sent you a text to your steemit chart,

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Okay i will

Another delicious experience at the 3 Tides Restaurant! cant wait to enjoy myself as always...

The Swimming Pig Gastro Pub sounds interesting and i trust they have great food and drinks!

love the winery and especially the sketches...the pig art work looks amazing along with the little birdie on top...wow..its a photo not a drawing! even swimming piglets! little wonder its called Pig Gastro Pub!
All those dishes on the table...are you eating all alone..please wait for me!
nice one and as always you doing great and representing us very well... A true steemit ambassador per excellence!

hey ken! The swimming pigs are really quite a hit around the Bahamas, even the restaurant feels alot more 'alive' because of this theme. As always, I hope you get to visit it one day, and i'm glad to be the first steemian to visit and represent us there!

You can say it again @sweetsssj
I shall target Bahamas next time you go for round two so I gain international reputation by appearing on your selfie...and share your numerous mouthwatering meals for free...after all there is love in sharing
Come to think of it, after Bahamas, where else do we travel with you...Guess its not a surprise...;)

great..have checked out the link and supported with an upvote
do follow me and also like @sweetsssj read up my posts and comment plus supprt;)
best regards in your travels!

The resort is a place to be Their food plus legendary Dry Manhattan Cocktail is a must when next I visit. Thanks a lot for sharing this and keep safe.Upvoted

thank you charles, be prepared to get a strong hit from the cocktails, they really like to add alot of liquor!

Thanks for he information @sweetsssj . I will power it down, no worries. Thanks

Manhattans > Old Fashioned

How is it old fashioned?

I think I'm just going to unfollow you, cause i cant take this torture any more. You think you could just come here and post your food porn and get away with it . Awesome post as usual keep up the work.

I cant help but look.

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Thanks to all friends.

aww don't need to do that dear bl4ck0pz, you can always just skip the Miss delicious posts :)

Resort is crazy and beautiful ... upvote me also @jodhpurindia

Nice post and please

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Those swimming pigs are really cute

so adorable, and I even had the chance to meet them! (they're probably a lot bigger now :))

wow .. as always you are very luck girl.. you have time (and money.. haha) to enjoy your life. Thank you for sharing you experience with us... great photos

Thank you dinsha, food is one of the guilty pleasures of life !

Looks like a nice place to hang out!

This looks like an inviting spot for a meal @sweetsssj, Baha Mar is the newest Bahamian place to be it seems, Atlantis? what that?!? haha
I'd definitely order some of the mussels, they looked great as did everything else.

haha! Mussel for the muscleman!

I have probably one more post about Atlantis and then some more about Baha Mar!

Haha, OK cool! I want some posts about 'Charisma', that's some next level stuff, anywhere in the world on a whim type of travel :)

How in the world do you stay in such good physical condition with all the eating and traveling you do? My hat is off to you.

I think i'm on borrowed time honestly.. metabolism probably still quite high, but that won't last forever! Need to start hitting the gym more regularly!

I am continually intrigued by the variety of names and themes the places you visit have. As always the food looks amazing and the photos are so vibrant!
Thanks for sharing @sweetsssj

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there any many delicious foods in this post...i like it

all for your delightful eyes :)

Nice resturent ...👌👌
Upvoted and followed you madam.
I am become your fan...
Please stay with me with follow and upvote...@saan

thanks saan just had a look at your photography, very nice! Thank you for that, and upvoted some :)

Yo ma'am are living the life! Following you now. :)

Hello @sweetsssj

Baha Mar, the soon-to-debut new luxury resort in Nassau, will introduce a world of flavors with a diverse collection of culinary offerings. From full-service and casual dining to pool-side and late-night bars, the assortment of food & beverage at Baha Mar will give guests savoring a** Caribbean escape **delectable options from morning to night.

The first wave of culinary offerings to debut upon the resort will include **Three Tides, a seafood-forward Mediterranean all-day restaurant. Executive Chef Brent Martin incorporates Caribbean and seasonal fish and locally sourced ingredients into fresh, inventive dishes such as Ahi Tataki **and Grilled Octopus Salad. While at The Swimming Pig, guests can tuck into a modern riff on a British gastropub, complete with a wide array of draught beers and a full bar, for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

As guests journey poolside in the afternoon, Drift presents Pan-Latin flavors with specialties including empanadas and Peruvian skewers in a casual setting. Or, opt for upscale, accessible fare at Palms with sit-down beach-side dining and classics such as burgers, sandwiches, seasonal bento box creations and fresh Bahamian salads.

For an authentic Bahamian experience, the refreshing beach-side pairing Conch Shack and neighbor Daq Shack provide local favorites near the esplanade section of Baha Mar. Guests sip made-to-order, blended daiquiris with local rum, seasonal mangoes, stone fruits and tart citrus alongside fresh conch salad, all made or mixed to order from only fresh ingredients.

Thank you @sweetsssj

The Food Looks Amazing!

i confirm, this is true :)

Raawrr looks seriously delicious, but it would not fill me.

again this is simply amazing @sweetsssj. each time i read your post, it captivates me. you are good at this. keep it up.... i applaud this work again my travel queen. nice job and thanks for sharing

thank you outhor5ed, your lovely comments each time keep me very motivated :)

i am glad they do, cause you are an inspiration and a great writer. nice work my Queen. enjoy a blessed day. guess you are fine?

thanks outhori5ed, i'm going to be posting a little later today, probably one of my last posts on Atlantis, just sorting through my bucket of photos!

How rich, I will manage to prepare that delicious dish, that sweet experience you've had, I hope to receive support from all to be able to undertake as high as you, if you go through my channel you will see my own recipes for food and desserts I will try to be Better every time.

thank you! I will take a look at your recipes soon :)

Another great blog as always with great photos! Keep up the good work :)

thank you andy 😊

fantastic points.....

Hellom my dear @sweetsssj , finally i am getting some free time to read your ever amazing post! Oh FOOD my favorite part actually, well i think you do know it by now!
Really a very nice array of food and the servings too are really very generous! The only small negative that i can find there is the slow service, but i am sure that hotel management will address it soon! It is a new place that's why! With time they will get better and better!

The rustic way of food presentation is just amazing!
ps. my new post is out, all about APPLE!

Take me with you next time!

haha there's a queue mark!

amaze knowledge...really love to read your blog

thank you dear! :)

Your photos are stunning and the food seems to be tasty. It's a nice place to hangout as well.

thanks very much, I recommend it for a good evening drinking and eating at the same time, perhaps after a good run at the Casino :)

You spend the days with the trip .., the place you visit is very nice .., it could be a promotion for the area. Thank you post., I @muhammadikbal like your post ,, will sayan wait your next posting..I am one of your fans who are in Indonesia

thank you dear, really appreciate your support. 😊




Beautiful place. Thanks again for the menu shot - greatly appreciated. Yummy food! If you like food you can see some on my posts. Enjoy.

Follow me, I m following you @gaming360

thanks tess, just checked out some of your posts, they are lovely! I'm following you for more :)

Thanks so much @sweetsssj Greatly appreciated.

Hi @sweetsssj, Your posts are always very good with high quality photos. It seems as if you do Steemit on full time basis. How could you eat all this all alone and still be so smart? :D JK. Keep posting the great stuff. THUMBS UP!

Yasir Bokhari

Oh no.. if I was full time i'd probably be making quite a few more posts than I currently do.. I prefer to just try fit in one a day and explore the world the rest of the time :)

Which looks so good from now would like also there

you should definitely give it a try. The drinks are insanely potent!

Is on my to do list

thank you gaming360 :)

I love the lighting and decorations

me too, they are quite spectacular, love the honeycomb windows too

wow that place looks amazing.

I agree, it's a little gem tucked inside the hotel just behind the casino :)

Please comment on my posts on @lovelyday.

All of the posts you have done while in Atlantis have been so very elegant - It is very refreshing to see this :) Thank you for sharing with us - I am hopeful that you can take the money you made on the posts and visit another wonderful place to share with us - enjoy life, your deserving!!

ooh thank you dear, this was actually in Baha Mar resort, away from Atlantis :)
For now, saving as much as possible for the future of Steemit which I think is going to be very bright indeed!

Well deserved friend!!! Wish I have the opportunity to visit there some day!!! You made it look like such a wonderful place to visit

Wow the pub looks like a nice play to hangout!

Yes, I would agree, especially if you want to have a casual time just drinking some alcohol and eating some light food!

Everything in your postings is so wonderful and fun. I do have a questions @sweetsssj do you ever get tired of traveling?

good question rebecca, travelling is of course quite tiring, so I only tend to travel at most once a month.. always need a few weeks to recuperate and feel grounded before getting back out to explore :)

I am more of a retreat person, however traveling is fun too.

Wow, I want to be there and eat the food!

Definitely a good place to hang out, with how long it takes for them to serve food, you're pretty much forced to hang there anyway!

@sweetsssj , Your post always delighted for every person. Nice.

thanks myothantz! :)

Twirble is longing for good food and cocktails now, Yummy!!!

twirble has such an easily perturbed appetite :)

Nice post i will upvote

thank you dear, appreciate it 😊

Wow, i love your post

thanks jleiva :)

I love the photos of the pigs!!! My mom LOOOOOOVES pigs, in fact she has always wanted one as a pet. hehe! - I also love all the retro style... the circles etc.

Right up my alley!

Somewhat unrelated, but... I would LOVE to introduce my little boy to you... (not sure how else to communicate with you) xx


thanks jaynie, i love the pictures of the pigs too, having come back from seeing them days before, I was really missing that place already, so the pictures were a happy reminder :)

I'll take a look at your son :)

Please comment on my posts on @lovelyday.

It's really awesome and cool @sweetsssj

Thank for sharing .. I'll be waiting the next articel from you
I love @steemit

thank you safwan, you're so loyal, thank you for that :)

looks really yummie... had kind of hoped that you tried the Wagyu Carpaccio hihi I love Carpaccio ....

I was really thinking about it, but the platter I ordered was so large that I couldn't justify it.. atleast i'll know what to try next time right? :)

Yup for sure , what you ordered also looked yummie though !