Miss. Delicious: A thousand years ago, I was an Empress! 千年以前,我曾是女王^ ^

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Dear Steemit friends, today i'm going to take you on a journey through time^ ^ Do you remember my previous post about the 8th Wonder of the World - Terracotta Soldiers? Well on my way to visit the terracotta soldiers, I came across this wonderful place and I just couldn't wait to tell you guys about it..

First and foremost, welcome to my Empire! Can you see i've changed into an ancient Empress? But wait, where is the Emperor?

Well, to tell the truth, this place is actually a Qin Dynasty themed restaurant near the Terracotta soldiers. The restaurant is called "Daqin Xiaoyan" in the Lintong district of Xi'an. As soon as entered, I immediately felt like I was in a flashback to the past. It was as if the environment morphed from the modern day into the ancient times. I imagine it's very similar to what you would see in the movie Inception.

As I open my eyes, I see before me, palace maids wearing Qin Dynasty attire, welcoming my arrival. One of the maid's poured me some tea, another maid uses a Jade seal to stamp my name on a piece of paper to record my attendance. The interior is mostly tile and bricks and has a black and white colour scheme, it reveals the simple and unadorned style of architecture of the Qin dynasty. Source.

My entrance is like walking from an illusion to reality, and now I am the Empress of the Qin Dynasty. This photo board is really funny, don't laugh too hard ^_^|||

Right in the middle of the room is a very large cauldron. Typically used to cook meat and store cooking utensils. Owing to their tremendous weight, cauldrons gradually became an Emperor's symbol of power. Have a guess how much my cauldron weighs?

A typical cauldron will weigh between 100 and 200 kilograms!

The palace maids proceeded to invite me to the dining room. The first thing I saw when I came in was a set of bronze bells, one of the ancient percussion instruments from the Qin Dynasty. The bells go from large to small, arranged in order of their tonality. As diners eat, the bell instruments are played for entertainment. Being an Empress has its perks!

Hung on the wall, either side of the bells are clothes worn by the Emperor and Empress.

Upon sitting down, you are presented with 4 different menus each with a different set meal. The characters on the menu are written in Chinese from the Qin Period >.<

The cutlery of the Qin Dynasty is quite peculiar. The wine glass is square shaped, and the chop stick prop is a metal dragon. I really like the coffee coloured cutlery which is accurate to the colours used in the ancient times. Even today, they don't seem out of place^ ^

Before eating, a royal bodyguard sends his greetings and explains the story of "Daqin Xiaoyan". During the Qin Dynasty, there was a famous officer named Wang Jian, who along with his son made great contribution to the unity of the 6 nations preceding China. As a toast of his gratitude, the Emperor Qin frequently invited Wang Jian and his son to feast and henceforth the procession and meal became "Daqin Xiaoyan".

The first course would be cold dishes and consists of meatloaf, dumpling skin, pig trotters, cucumbers (cut into fine slices whilst retaining the cucumber shape), asparagus and beef.

In ancient times, the Emperor would eat many individual dishes.

Even though every dish is very small, there is so much variety, each individual dish is cooked and presented very delicately and simply taste delicious! I think this style of dining suits me very well because I like to try many different dishes but don't have the stomach to eat very much^ ^

After the cold dishes, a toast to my Steemit friends! ^ ^

The second course is Xi'an's specialty, a spicy paste soup with some bread.

The Chinese writing on the bread is the character 'Qin'.

The third course consists of : Pumpkin, Tofu, Bacon rolls, Glutinous Yam Dates, fried fish.

By now I've already lost track of what is what, it was really difficult to choose what to eat. I reckon the Emperor probably had anxiety choosing what to eat..

The fourth course consists of steamed buns and noodles.

At this point, I can barely stomach any more food, so I take a small bite from each to have a taste. The Empress must have either had a huge appetite or she wasted a lot of food!

Last but not least, dessert.

There's always room for dessert right? Thankfully the desserts were small cakes!

After this truly monstrous feast, I can only say not only can I not finish eating everything, I can barely even present it all to you guys! = =

^ ^I wish I had super powers then I could take all the food away and share it with all my Steemit friends! lol

亲爱的Steemit朋友, 今天我来到这里是为了带大家玩一把穿越, 还记得前几天我为大家介绍了世界第八大奇迹兵马俑为Steemit做宣传,你可以在这里找到。其实在去兵马俑的路上,还有一些更有趣的故事要迫不及待告诉大家呢。。。首先,欢迎大家来到我的帝国,哈哈,你们现在看见的我是不是已经变身为古老帝国的女王?等一下,我的王在哪里?
我收到了4封菜谱——将、相、和、秦为4种不同的套餐。都是用秦朝的文字书写的。我拿着他们感觉像是在拿一把扇子= =秦朝的餐具好特别呀,酒杯是方的,放筷子的托是一条威武的龙。
第一道凉菜依次是肉卷、面皮、猪手、黄瓜、芦笋、牛肉。虽然每道菜分量不多,但品种丰富,制作精美,最重要的是味道非常好,很适合我这种每种口味都想尝尝,但是又吃不了太多的人^ ^
最后是甜品:印有“秦”字的蛋糕。好希望可以把美食打包带走,和全Steemit的朋友一起分享=^ ^=

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妹子,太有才华了 :),大秦帝国第三部应该请你去做女主角


谢谢First哥^ ^




谢谢啦, 你也很棒的~~加油 :)

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Great array of food on the table! They all look delicious.
may I ask what camera you are using to take all these pictures? I love the resolution!
All of your pictures look very nice.


Thanks ! Appreciate the support as always!

I generally use a Canon 5D MK II , 50mm f/1.4 prime lens since most of my pictures are macro shots or portraits.


@sweetssj thank you for the tip !

Chinese five thousand years of civilization, from you to learn a lot, thank you good article


Thanks a lot ^ ^

Very nice photos.