Sunday Funday - Indian Breakfast

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Snowy weather here in New Jersey, and what better activity to do rather than eating? Today I had the taste for an ethnic breakfast, and I chose Indian, because there is an Indian restaurant nearby. 😋

So... I ordered a plain, crispy dosa. It came like this:


For people who never tried this dish... you guys are missing out a lot. This dish is originally from southern India. It is like a crepe, made out of rice flour though. It is served with a cup of soup-like or stew, called sambar and two additional sauces called chutney. The white one is made with coconut and the red one is a hot salsa made with chili peppers.


Every time I order this dish I am very satisfied. I prefer the crispy version, although the soft one is very good, too.

Well...time for an afternoon nap... what a life, yeah?


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Hi dear, @starjewel

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Amazing, this looks delicious... 😀

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