Easy Pork Roulade Recipe

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When you hear "pork roulade", you imagine something very difficult to cook. It's not difficult at all! Just pound out a nice piece of tenderloin, stuff it will spinach and some cream cheese, roll it up and use toothpicks to keep it in place and throw it in the oven for one hour or so... easy breezy...

Here are my tricks on this amazing dish.

#1 After pounding, spread a layer of sausage meat, and then put the raw spinach and small cubes of cream cheese. I like the italian sausage, but you can use whatever you like.


#2 Preheat the oven at 450F if you want a crispy crust like this:


You see? Very easy. The whole house will smell divine and your neighbors will envy you. Look at Jax, he is going nuts!!!


Ohhh... Jax is huge now. Here is a picture of him and my daughter. He turned 3 recently. I constantly post pictures of him, since he was a very, very small puppy.



Jax is absolutely beautiful, I love him! And your pork roulade? Oh. my. god! I need you to come down to Portugal right now!! lol Your family must be so happy, like every mealtime is a party! I'd like to go Vegan one day, but you're not making it easy! Beautiful dish, thanks for sharing! P.S. More Jax photos are always welcome :) And, do you know Dtube? It's a site similar to youtube, but linked to Steemit, where your videos can make money, and it automatically shares it here on Steemit, maybe some Jax videos would make some money, and get some smiles? Bye Star, thank you!

Thank you @sandropires, you are very nice. I want to check into Dtube, I wish I had more time in my hands! I am still a newbie. I participate in #newbieresteemday , maybe you want to also check it out. I appreciate your comments, you always make me smile. Looking forward to read your posts! PS - I am looking into becoming a vegan, too. I cook meat and big meals only when I have family over. They eat a lot... like those piranha fish!!!!

Aww Thank you! You're very nice too, and funny! Making people smile is like, my favourite thing, so if you smile, then my life has a bit more meaning (philosophically speaking) :) I checked #newbieresteemday but I don't understand a lot of things here, like what to do, where to go, but all in good time, methinks lol Thank you! See you soon :)

@sandropires, everything takes time, just keep blogging and make people smile :)

Aww thanks! You're the best :)

Oh and sorry for taking so long replying, I'm the worst lol