Foodlover #6 - Going out for early Dinner

in food •  2 years ago

I've been starving just a few minutes ago and therefore decided to go out for an early Dinner today. I'm normally not a big eater but as I already skipped breakfast and lunch I couldn't stand it any longer.

I've shortly asked my friends, whether anyone of them would like to join but as no one of them was hungry yet I had to take off alone today.

It was actually good to have some time just for myself with some good food and a tasty lime juice 😊



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Great post, very informative, thank you. @starflyer-9000


Thank you 😊 Stay tuned for more 😉

Yummy food and nice click dear friend.. I'm also a photographer


It was really delicious. They've marinated the chicken with some Asian spices, which just added up perfectly 😊

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Thank You for this really good




Thanks a lot @Zeuss11, really appreciated :)

hmm amazing


and especially tasty

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