Recipe for a sun-shaped mango pie

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Clear your pie, made with crispy dough and mango.

A mango pie shaped like a sun

Are you tired of traditional fruit pies that are considered a bit too wise, even by lazy pastry chefs? Say goodbye to strawberry, apple or banana pies! We have better, much better to offer you. Because today, it is the turn of the mango to be raised in a pretty homemade tartlet. Because to highlight this typical summer fruit, it obviously had a good season presentation.

That's why we offer you here a tart to be plucked with delight. It is religiously tasted petal after petal. To realize it and to be certain not to miss its so fine and crispy dough, consult quickly our explanations opposite. A true flowering of flavors.

You can then accompany it with a vanilla ice cream or a delicious fruit smoothie. In short, enjoy the summer to fill up on vitamins and delight the taste buds of your guests!


A short pastry. 3 mangoes. white, yellow and orange sugar dough. small pearly pearls. mint leaves


Thanks @sobiakanwal for tasty recipe of sun-shaped mango pie. Really useful stuff.

Thanks dear Shahid

That's beautiful! It's making me so hungry


I prefer to eat healthy foods and Look Delicious 😊


Seems Indian traditional fruit pies. Awesome picture quality indeed. And also very nice written article @sobiakanwal. Keep it up and all the best!

Shukriya jinab

It seems very light and healthy Pie in terms of Calories. By the way Mango is my most favorite fruit among all. So this Pie is making my mouth full of water. Amazing stuff @sobiakanwal

Keep sharing such amazing recipes, Have a nice weekend!


mouth full of water

amazing comment

Well @sobiakanwal laughter therapy is the best medicine to kill the miseries of life :D :D

So, you made my mouth watered and i made you laugh in return ;)
Great for today !

Once again a nice recipe share! Proud to be your follower!

Again thank you

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