Amazing Japanese fusion dinner

in food •  7 months ago

My friend took me to a place called Land and Water company in Carlsbad, California for dinner last week. It was delicious. We sat at the sushi bar and had a whole fish cut up in front of us, served three ways. The bones and head were deep fried, the sashimi was the highlight and the rest of the small pieces were made into maki. It was super fresh and simply divine. The sushi chef took great care in preparing the fish.

This crispy beef skewer dish was highly recommended so we ordered it. The 5-hour braised lengua was so tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. I liked the pickled daikon and horseradish whipped Japanese style mayo but the carmelized soy sauce was a bit too salty.

This was the most creative dish. It was a crispy pork belly bacon on top of jalapeno cornbread with a small red stone crab salad on the side and topped with orange marmalade ans Japanese mint. So many flavours but so well paired! Yummy.

The service was good and the atmosphere relaxing. Lots of regulars too. What a treat! Highly recommended.


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Wow this is looking really good.
If I had to chose between one of them I would pick the crispy pork belly. That sounds amazing, so many different flavors and come on crispy pork belly on it's own is great xD


Yes. All great dishes

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Susie is one of the best dish . Are you also a food lover???
Or a food photographer.??


Food lover for sure

Wow!!! That looks crazy good! I was a bit disappointed when I read that it was in California not Australia!


Yes. Too bad it is not in Melbourne. But Melbourne has great Japanese too