My Daytime latte-art tryings. Camomile for steemit girls

in food •  3 years ago

First post of my week-end latte-art. Camomile
Today I decide make a flowers for a steemit girls :)

Camomile is so pretty and modest field flower. I like it and make it :)

I don't put much text now, because I will prepare for my new latte-art contest post.
Don't forget to take a part :)

Thank you.

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Lovely. Thank you for posting.

We are in two steps from MONA LISA in latte-art))) Very creative! Good luck!

A cup of coffe for me))) Have a nace day!

Great detail on the leaves, very impressive!

Very artistic!

Coffee for the ladies, nice! ;D

Beautiful flowers. :)

You make me wish that I could draw! Awesome.