Chinese Food:Pineapple Fried Pork

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Dear Steemit Friends:

Today I share with you a famous dish in Guangdong, China: Pineapple Fried Pork.

Pineapple fried pork is a famous dish in Guangdong, This dish was created by the Qing Dynasty. Since many foreigners in Guangzhou at that time were very fond of eating Chinese food, they especially liked to eat sweet and sour pork ribs, but they were not used to eating bones when eating, So the Guangdong chef used pork instead of pork ribs to invent the dish.

Need to be prepared ingredients:

1: pork (300 g); 2: pineapple (100 g); 3: green tomato pepper (10 g); 4: red tomato pepper (10 g); 5: ketchup (15 g); 7: salt (4 g); 8: white sugar (30 g); 9: white vinegar (2 ml); 10: soy sauce (3 g); 11: cooking wine (3 ml) 12: potato starch (14 g); 13: vegetable oil (100 ml); : Eggs (one).


1: Cut the pork up and down with a knife, then cut into 2 cm squares (please refer to the video);

2: Put the pork, cooking wine, salt, egg white and potato starch in the bowl and mix well, marinate for 15 minutes;

3: Clean the pineapple, green pepper and red pepper, then cut into 2 cm squares with a knife;

4: Pour the vegetable oil into the pot and heat it to 70%, Then add the marinated pork and fried frying until the upper and lower sides are golden. After the pork is cooled, you need to repeat the frying again (Must be fried frying twice);

5: Pour tomato sauce, water, sugar, white vinegar, soy sauce and potato starch juice into the bowl and mix well;

6: Pour the vegetable oil into the pot and heat to 40%, then add the green pepper and red pepper to stir fry for 30 seconds, then pour into the sauce and boil;

7: Finally, add the fried pork and pineapple and stir fry for 2 minutes.

Matters needing attention:

1: Please refer to the video for the method of cutting pork with a knife. This is to make the pork in the marinated meat more flavorful;

2: When frying pork, be sure to use medium heat. Be sure to frying the pork twice, otherwise the pork is not cooked;

3: The taste of this dish is sour and sweet, you can add the seasoning according to your favorite, the list is for reference only.

Since I am a newcomer (small shrimp), my steem has very little bandwidth energy, so there is a limit to the number of images that can be shared. I made the cooking process of making each dish into a video sharing, The video contains the entire cooking process and text,You can refer to the video cooking. Please understand my difficulties.

Tomorrow I will share with you the travel of China Yuntai Mountain (AAAA), Yuntai Mountain is also my hometown, It's scenery is really very beautiful.

If you like what I share, please follow me and support me. I will continue to update more about Chinese food, Chinese landscape and Chinese history. If you have any suggestions for the content I have shared, please leave a message to me, I will pay attention to your valuable suggestions and timely revision, thank you everyone.

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This is a beautiful dish with lots of color & easy on the calories.

Really liked this, partially due to the texture of the particular meat I used, but the taste of the dish was really intense, and the cayenne pepper added a perfect amount of heat to it.


Dear @tute5, my bandwidth energy is too small, many times I reply to you but I have not succeeded. I know that you are very kind, you will forgive me.


It is ok.Dont worry.Love to see more food prparations