Food so good it doesn't even need words

in food •  5 months ago

Lovely weekend dinner at a local Japanese restaurant. Izakaya is normally known for a pub style Japanese restaurant. Most people just go there after work to chill out and have some drinks and good food. I go only for the food, although a bit pricey it is some of the best food anyone can ask for. Enjoy!














Photo taken by me using the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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Hiya! My foodie steemian!

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---You really have a great selection of japanese food there, I would not know what I should eat first.---

We are looking forward to see you soon on our discord server ,
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Hand delivered upvotes, old school like it should be done. Appreciate it and will check out your Discord server =)

Looks so good and colorful!
What is that thing on the second last photo?


Darn, guess it needed works after all. =P

It's Korean beef (beautifully marbled) salted with coarse salt, some large mushrooms and a stick of butter. Then you have to cook it yourself. Something that is very common in Korea is the use of scissors. It is used for pretty much everything and every restaurant will give you some scissors if needed.


I am relieved now.. I thought you eat the whole piece raw :p just like that.

This is what I would say #foodporn that really looks fantastic and delicious!!! You are very lucky to enjoy that kind of food. Thanks for sharing it and also for make me hungry got to keep #feedingyourminnows with @feedyourminnows :D


Thanks man, once in a while we should treat ourselves to something good. =) Sorry for making you hungry One day if you visit Korea I will hook you up with some great food! =)


Can't wait to book the flight! Haha thanks bro :D

your😋 food makes me happy😍


Mission accomplished. =)

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Looksgreat lekker.gif


Thanks, it was. =)

The picture says it all and am feeling hungry....early in morning

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Mission accomplished! Although, I would not reccomend this for breakfast, it will make you feel sleepy right after. =P


Hahah..i love heavy never know how your days go😉

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