Mom is the best cook

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As a kid I hated what my mom would cook for us. No matter how much efforts she put in, it could never please me. The one dish that I hated the most was Upma ( a South Indian breakfast dish that is made out of semolina). I would rather stay hungry for the day than eat that dish. My dad loved it, so it would be our breakfast for the day most days of the week. I can still hear my mom pleading me to taste a spoon of it and I would point blank refuse to put a small helping of it in to my mouth.
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Over the years my mom gave up on disciplining me about eating what is made. She would always make something else for me or get me something from the restaurant when that particular dish was made. Well, I will admit that that's not the only dish I hated, there is a unending list of things that I cannot eat, I am a fussy eater, but upma undoubtedly topped the list.

So, I had never tasted upma for as long as I remember and the day came when my mom could make Upma daily without worrying about what to make for me, yes, I moved out of the house to my marital home. My mother in law left the kitchen to me and I didn't know anything about cooking. I learnt everything from scratch and there were times when I desperately wanted to make Upma as it was quick to make, but I didn't actually know how it tasted.

So, on my first stay over at Mom's place after my wedding I asked her to make Upma. Her eyes welled up. She couldn't believe her ears. She had decided a exotic menu that consisted of my favourite dishes only and Upma was banned. However she made it for me and asked if everything was alright. We had a good laugh about our behaviour and Upma actually tasted heavenly.

Did I learn to make that easy dish ?? Nope.. it definitely is an art and I am not an artist.

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Mom's have their own secret recipe 🥰🥰

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