Useless information #62 – Watch out for Nutmeg

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I moved to Hive. You can read all my content there.
Due to a sad series of events steem is no longer decentralized nor censorship-resistant.
I don't know how it will look like in the future but right now it's more like a personal database than a proper blockchain.
Check out


Some people use it to get in a different state of mind. Some more useless, and for some other very useful information I think :)

there is something i didn't know! interesting..!

It's new for me as well.

I must stress that no one should inject nutmeg intravenously even for the sake of an ill conceived experiment. Luckily we don't have any weird experiments going on around steemit! lol

ahahaha you're right!

I once ate a few spoons and the effects were there (distorted vision, feeling) but not good enough to repeat it.

So we have a confirmation! :) Thank you for your report. ahaha

Welcome. Hey I didn't vote for your post because it is not so good. But I like all of these topics about plants and so. Try to go more in depth with your next one to make it a must-upvote :-)

All good :) I don't go deep in the Useless information series. It's about short informative posts about nothing in particular and, for that reason, people tend not to forget.

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