black sticky rice porridge

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Hot glutinous porridge favorite my husband, the material is easy, how to make it also simple
Especially this rainy season, delicious eating warm.


125 gr black sticky rice

125 grams of green beans


1 teaspoon salt

according to the taste of Sugar

4 pieces of pandan leaves

Thick coconut milk

2 tablespoons kanji / maizena flour

3 tablespoons rice flour

Steps to make it

Soak the sticky rice and green beans in a separate place

soak overnight

Boil black sticky rice and green beans until broke and cooked

Add salt, pandan leaves, sugar and coconut milk, leave a glass of coconut milk

Add starch and rice flour in the remaining coconut milk, strain, put in the slurry, stirring until boiling

Black sticky rice porridge ready to eat


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Ilog ek kuh


Kesini mumpung masih hangat nih 😄😄

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