Enjoying The Moment as I Alchemize fruit Into Wine~*~

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Excited about what’s to come!
Playing With My Food. Guess What I am Making?


Will post a video of the process soon!

Nothing better than home made and home grown food and wine!


It’s so much fun to be a part of the growing process of your food the harvesting process and then to take that food and make amazing dishes and drinks!

You can also grow exactly what you love and prepare it exactly the way you like. Which means it is not only far more sustainable but generally more delicious as well!


On top of that it is far healthier as it’s almost impossible to get truly organic food anymore and when it comes to wines 95% of all wines including organic wines from the United States tested positive for glyphosate, which is the chemical “round up” a known carcinogen.

I don’t drink USA wines because they all are loaded with round up, even organic wines.

Unfortunately that means it is almost impossible to get local wine....

Which I think is one of the most important if not the most important consideration in purchasing a product.

It’s basically impossible to know if wine is going to be good or not as the descriptions on all wines are always nice.

They all want to make you buy it by making it sound good.

Which are all just many more reasons to make them grow your own!!

I made some videos on the process and will make update videos in the coming weeks as well so stay tuned!





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One of the many many alchemies that flow through you @quinneaker. Excited to see all of these processes unfold!


Back at you a bazillion fold @quinneaker!

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