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RE: Grandpa Gotta Cook—Homemade Grilled Individual Pizzas

in #food3 years ago

Figuring out how to make flat crusted pizza is a holy grail goal of mine, although I haven't put the time in yet to learn.

I'm tempted to work part time at the local pizza place so I can do it for a few months and get really good!

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Sounds like a plan to me. My wife says I need to be more patient with the dough, but when people are starving before I even start—I guess I need to get going around 3:30 pm in order for things to be done before 6 pm. :) Or I could just go for Mac 'n' Cheese from here on out. The box kind.

I like boxed Mac n Cheese too, but as I mentioned to @puravidaville, we keep our grocery costs super low here, and prepackaged food is incredibly expensive.

Box of Mac n Cheese vs that mushroom linguine I made the other night? Easy choice. ;-)

Simple choice, that mushroom linguine looked insane and I bet is much healthier for you.