Latest creations from my new work place...part 2!

in food •  5 months ago

Hello world of Steemians!

Welcome back to my daily post! I just reached home after another lovely and busy day at work! I hope everyone is having a great week so far and doing great!

Yesterday I shared couples of new dishes i've recently created together with my new team at The Residence Mauritius and the feedback I got from everyone has been simply amazing! Thanks so much for the appreciations guys! You all rock!

So today I will again share some dishes we've created and serving to the hotel guests...ENJOY!!!







Apologies for the low quality of the photos again friends...i've still not found my camera charger and the only solution right now is to take photos from my mobile!

I hope all becomes back to normal soon!

Until then!
Wish you all a great end of the day/evening!
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Quiet friend despite the low quality of the camera the photos went very well do a great job this I love I hope to learn soon in this way I love the kitchen


Undoubtedly, the photographs were very good, and you made a nice plate. I must try your food. I know you are very busy. Well, you have time for us and show us this.

You are doing very well in your new place of work so I see doing great things there these dishes are beautiful creations my congratulations for you @progressivechef

Amazing!!! Everything looks delicious!!! Congrats you're very creative!!!

I'm getting hungry when I see your meals! Well done again!

Oh my word, this is absolutely stunning food art, I would not want to destroy such beauty but the temptation to taste it would be too great!

Looks delicious!

Incredible, we hope you are also experiencing the best. All these dishes look deliciously good, I would be able to try them all!

What exactly is the third? I think it's the food that I noticed more than the others, it looks quite interesting.


The third one is a marinated grill veg with balsamic vinegar, crispy puff pastry, carrots mousse and salad.

Очень красиво!

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Hay man thr food look to be very tasty.

Very beautiful arrangement, like a garden.