WARNING! The fudge is not drizzled, Cedar Point 2018, 2 of ?

in food •  8 months ago

One of my favorite treats to have when I visit a Cedar Fair theme park, especially Cedar Point, is a funnel cake at the end of the day. Cedar Point especially is known for their gigantic funnel cakes XD


If you haven't gotten to enjoy a funnel cake, I both highly recommend this delicious treat and warn you from ever trying it! Its deep fried dough with powdered sugar sprinkled on, oh so delicious.

I normally get these at the end of the day before I leave the park, sadly I didn't finish my second one, I decided to try the fudge option, I thought they would put a nice drizzle of hot fudge on it. I was wrong.


Don't get me wrong, it's delicious fudge. I just didn't need 2 cups of it.

Have a great one and God bless!

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hahahahahahaha it is DEFINITELY not drizzled! and hilarious that you had "diabetes" as one of the tags LOLOLOL

oh man.... i remember eating funnel cake mmmmmmmmmm can't anymore. DARN YOU GLUTEN!!!

missed this post when you put it up - so its past payout.... accept this tip! instead of an upvote please :)


I try and get creative with my tags if I can't find anything else that is applicable. And thank you! I've got some catching up to do, backed off while the fork happened and getting back into things now.