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Ooh yum! I may have to try with chickpeas or another nut. I don't have any food allergies except for hazelnuts! They are so delicious but make my mouth itchy. I guess I can't complain since I can eat anything else, so there's always a way around it! I do love the sneaky hand reaching for a treat. 😍


Oh yes you could try them with roasted almonds or chickpeas, they will turn out amazing as well;) Hehe yes lately he cant stay away from the table where I shot my pictures, he loves to pick the berries or the backdrops I have on my shooting table! Can be quite annoying sometimes too, but he is learning me to stay parience!
Thanks Katie, wish you a beautiful sunday and nice spring weather!! Thanks for your running motivation yesterday, I actually managed to run a couple of minutes today, thanks to you!!;)

I can't wait until my niece starts getting in the kitchen with me, but I am sure I will require some patience as she is learning, as well. No better way for them to learn the importance of good food, though, right?

Yay for getting a little bit of running in! A few minutes here and there all ends up adding up! I may be off by a little bit with the time difference, but I think I should be sending you some birthday well wishes, too! Happy birthday! I hope you get to enjoy it in whatever way you would like. :)

Thanks a lot Katie!! I am still trying to get some minutes of running each day, I dont give up that easy!!