Grilled chicken Mak Gogok, the legendary cuisine of Blora

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Blora is one of the areas in Central Java which has been known as the teak producing area. About the tours contained in it, Blora is not too many types. Even so, if you discuss culinary, there is one that can be the recommendation. His name is Ayam Bakar Mak Gogok which is indeed a place in remote areas, but the deliciousness can make people come back.

Many people come to Ayam Bakar Mak Gogok because they have a special flavor that no other place has. Including the late Bondan Winarno. Two months before he died, it turned out that culinary experts who were popular with the 'Mak Nyus' jargon took the time to come to Ayam Bakar Mak Gogok. For those of you who plan to travel to Blora, who knows just have free time to visit this legendary grilled chicken. Let us discuss further about the Ayam Bakar Mak Gogok as follows.

Already Existed Since 1996 Years ago

Ayam Bakar Mak Strike has been legendary more than a year ago. Initially, Mak Gogok, whose real name was Sarti, was asked to help her grandmother to mix grilled chicken spices for the big guests, especially those of the Dutch. However, before selling grilled chicken, it turned out that Mak Gogok had already sold pecel and mung bean porridge.

But since 1991, he pioneered grilled chicken restaurants but only orders. It was only around 1996 that Mak Strike opened a business that was now famous in the ears of many people.

Location of Roasted Chicken Mak Gogok

For its location, this one eating place is in Genjahan Village, Jiken District, Blora Regency. From Blora District Square, take the Cepu direction about 11 kilometers. Then enter the alley that is to the right of the road and then enter the Genjahan Village. If you don't want to get lost, the alternative can be to ask about the Ayam Bakar Mak stall to the local residents.

Secrets Can Survive for Years

Can last for years is certainly not without reason. It turns out that there are many things that make visitors come back. Starting from the use of free-range chicken, as well as seasoning and processing. The process of cooking grilled chicken in Mak Gogok is quite complicated and takes hours. So from that, the resulting flavor is very good with the proper tenderness of the meat.

Plus there is one thing that is quite unique. The serving of grilled chicken is combined with boiled sweet potato leaves combined with shrimp paste. The taste of home cooking is sure to make a lot of people addicted. When bitten, the savory taste of chicken meat and herbs will rush into the mouth.

The cooking process which takes a long time added with the spices that are not small, inevitably makes processed chicken roasted Mak Gogok has a taste that is very good. So from that, if you have the opportunity to walk around Central Java, especially Blora, you must stop by here!

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