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If course the gardening season is mostly passed for us here in Arkansas, but the benefits of gardening are still being enjoyed at the @papa-pepper household. I’ll be taking the opportunity to share some of the different foods that we grew and foraged last year that we are enjoying!


The Chinese Noodle Beans were a new crop for us last year, but I see them being a staple for us in the years to come. The beans themselves would grow up to three feet long, but they are best for eating when they are between a foot and a foot and a half.

Raw, they were very enjoyable and we enjoyed picking and eating them fresh from the garden. Stir-fried, they were also incredibly tasty and very delicious. We froze some to enjoy stir-frys throughout the winter, but I thought I would experiment with them too!

The main experiment was pickling some of them. With a bit of canning & pickling salt and a mixture of vinegar and water, I canned many jars to enjoy in the winter months. After the initial experimental batch to make sure that the @little-peppers would eat them, we realized that the Chinese Noodle Beans would be an incredible food source in the years to come.

We grew both Green and Red varieties, and they each have their own benefits to growing. Personally though, I like the red, if for no other reason than they are much easier to see for picking.

We long to have a trust-worthy food supply that we can provide ourselves. The goal in that is two-fold. First, it’s more cost effective to grow our own, and the more of our own food we can provide, the less money we will need to spend on food.

The second reason is that with GMOs, pesticide, herbicides, and all the other potential contaminants and detrimental modifications that can be made to foods, I think the health risk at grocery stores is rapidly increasing.

Personally, I don’t want to have to pay to poison myself when I can eat nutrient rich foods that I grow myself for free!

The pickled Chinese Noodle Beans are just one of the homemade canned goods that we have available this winter from our garden last year, so you can expect some others to be coming in the near future!

Here is a video of the @little-peppers devouring some!

As always, I’m @papa-pepper and here’s the proof:



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Looking forward to planting the noodle bean seeds next season. Pickling them is an excellent idea. Cheers!

Yeah, I hope they do as well for you as they did for us! Keep us posted!

Pickled beans are so, so good! Although, they tend to not last too long on the pantry shelf. I like the size of those beans, I'm always trying to plant high yield crops, as my herd rivals locusts when it comes to food consumption. Loved your post!

Noodle beans are definitely high yield!

The pic of the kids was 1 harvest from 1 day, and they produced for months!

If you are in the states, I can ship you seeds for free.

You are too kind! I do live in the states, Idaho to be exact, but would feel horrid if I let you send me some of your seeds for free. Perhaps a trade? Are you in need of any type of seed?

Sounds great! What would you recommend? I've got lots, but always am looking forward to diversifying.

Sorry I fell off of the face of Steemit there, tons of snow plowing happened! I have got a huge amount of our sunflower seed mix and quite a bit of a Hubbard/pumpkin squash that an older gardener gave me. They are shaped like Hubbards, but bright orange like pumpkins. Taste a lot like pumpkins too, and weigh a lot! Very high yield!

Excelllent - Are you on steemit.chat? I'm "papa-pepper" there too.

Yep! I logged on and am reasonably sure that I sent you a message. Time will tell if I am in the right place!

well, very good! I like the green vegetables that planted by yourself. We often eat the beans in summer.very delicious! marinated it is also loved by me .

Yes, fresh food is excellent.

Thank you so much!

I am sure those noodle beans will be delicious, thanks for sharing! We are going to try fermenting for the first time in mason jars with various veggies.

ok following too expecting the results!

Yes, @mama-pepper is our fermenter and it's incredibly healthy.

You ought to try Japanese nattou fermented beans with rice! Very tasty, we eat it all the time!

I recognize this all too well thanks to @Sunscape. Growing up we were the bean collectors.

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I know some little-mouths who will love such beans. Those we grow here are way shorter... May try them next summer!

I have never tried pickled beans, but I am sure they are delicious. Do you grow okra? I can eat a gallons of okra pickles and never grow tired of them.

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