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RE: A porky sandwich on Fairfax and Third ! 🐷

in #food2 years ago (edited)

I miss Cali 😭 .fairfax and 3rd. wow does that bring back some memories 😊 your sandwich’s look so good 🤤 .i love your post .keep’em coming 👍🏽



Haha you should come back! There really is no place like Cali ✌️ Where did you move to?

Your right about that there is no place like Cali !
Currently I’m in Florida and I’ve been here waaaay to long.if Cali didn’t have that whole drought thing going on. I would consider moving back.vence beach,melrose avanue and knott berry farm theme park 😭o well but for now I’m here lol. Now I have to follow you guys because I’m a Cali girl .and I have to show your blogs some love 😘 stay safe ❤️