Nicole's little moment : A fatty afternoon | 妮可的時光: 肥美的下午

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I went out with my friend for fatty snacks this afternoon! I guess those lives in Hong Kong should be familiar with the places and foods shown in the images :) yes! I went to a famous mall in Kwai-Fong, Hong Kong. You will find this is a local mall combined food stalls, fashion and accessories! 2017.1.27


If in the view of that picture, it is true we will have to get used to the food-the food. Because it looks very delicious

Nice article and beautiful pictures thanks for sharing keep up the good work.

Looks yummy :P

its look like yummy thanx for sharing :)

Hong Kong looks quite cool and fun --here in San Diego - California we have street tacos -very good- w/ sour crème and #guacamole - (the good kind fat-oil ) @angrytwin

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